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Continuous integration & test management

Ranorex can perfectly be used as a standalone tool to launch automated tests manually on local and remote machines. However, it might be more powerful and comprehensive to integrate Ranorex with other tools. These tools could be continuous integration (CI) tools, test management (TM) tools or simply with task scheduling tools. This comes with the main benefit that automated tests get launched automatically. The launch could be triggered by a specific action (e.g., source code commit from a developer), a periodical build (e.g. “nightly build”), or a test case with underlying test automation.

Continuous Integration

There are a lot of brilliant and useful Continuous Integration tools around. See how to integrate Ranorex into a typical Continuous Integration process which is explained in detail in our general blog post:

Integrate Ranorex into Any Continuous Integration Process

For several widely spread Continuous Integration tools please find the a specific blog post here:

For a deeper integration of your Ranorex Report into a common CI tool (e.g. Jenkins) using xUnit/jUnit please see the blog post:

Fully integrate your Ranorex Report with CI tools like Jenkins using xUnit

This blog post also contains explanations and downloadable samples for the XSL transformation of the Ranorex report to xUnit/jUnit format.

Test Management and Application Lifecycle tools

Nowadays Test Management (TM) tools and Application Lifecycle Management tools (ALM) are more and more important. They store the information how testing is organized, implemented, and executed as well as a clearly arranged history of executed tests from the past.

There is a lot of excellent tool support. For the integration of Ranorex into two widely spread test management tools and ALM tools respectively please read the blog posts:

Although Coded UI Tests as well as VAPI-XP tests might be specific for the particular tool, the common idea of integrating Ranorex with TM/ALM tools might be pretty much the same for all other tools around. It all breaks down to the usage of command line arguments for tailored automated test runs with Ranorex.

Team Foundation Server

There is a comprehensive article about the Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio and Microsoft Testmanager and the Integration with Ranorex. Please find the documentation here:

TFS 2012 and Ranorex

Atlassian Jira

There is a very informative blog post on how to integrate Ranorex Test Cases into the issue and defect management tool Jira. Please find it here:

Source Control / Revision Control

Integration can also be accomplished with Ranorex Studio – namely integrating Source Control tools. First and foremost it should be mentioned that any common Source Control tool can be used to control relevant files of a Ranorex Studio Solution – which are text-based files only. 

There is a specific integration of two of these tools, namely for SVN (Subversion) and TFS (Team Foundation Server). Please find detailed information on the source control integration and support here: ⇢ Source Control.