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Adobe Flash/Flex

The Flash/Flex technology limitation will pop up if your Flash/Flex application is not instrumented correctly.

Flash/Flex Technology Limitation

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If you need to automate an Adobe AIR application, please read ⇢ how to do the instrumentation manually for Adobe AIR testing chapter.

The instrumentation Wizard tries to install the Flash Debug Player for Internet Explorer and the Flash Debug Player for Mozilla Firefox and Safari and the Flash Debug Player for Google Chrome if you like.

Moreover, you can enable the Ranorex Preloader Instrumentation. This allows you – in combination with the Flash Debug Player – to instrument your application under test without the need to alter your application.

Additionally, you can enable logging for the Flash Debug Player. This might be helpful if you have any problems with this kind of instrumentation. In such case you can then simply provide this logging information to our support team.

Flash/Flex Instrumentation Wizard

After installing the Debug Players and activating the Ranorex Preloader, Ranorex should be able to recognize your Flash and Flex applications without any limitations. Restart your application under test and your Ranorex tools to ensure that the newly added instrumentation works correctly.

Finished Flash/Flex Instrumentation

If you still have problems within recognition of Flash/Flex applications, please make sure that your applications are not double instrumented, i.e. make sure that you do not use any Ranorex Library or Ranorex Module within your Flash/Flex application.