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Adobe Flash/Flex

When you see the technology limitation warning appear:

Click Run Wizard…

Select Adobe Flash/Flex and click Next >.

Select the desired options and click Next > to start the instrumentation process.

You can choose to install the Flash debugger players for Internet Explorer and Firefox. You can also enable the Ranorex preloader instrumentation. In combination with the Flash debugger player, the preloader instrumentation lets you instrument an app without making any changes to it.

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For Chrome, you need to manually load the Ranorex Flash library or the Ranorex Flash module into your application to instrument it. This is explained ⇢ here.

Activate Flash trace logging to make the debugger player create a log file if problems occur during instrumentation. You can then give this log file to our support team for easier troubleshooting.

Once instrumentation is complete, click Finish:

Ranorex Studio should now be able to handle your Flash/Flex application properly. To make sure everything is applied correctly, restart your application and Ranorex Studio.


Make sure your application isn’t instrumented twice. In other words, do not use any Ranorex program libraries or modules in your Flash application if you used the Instrumentation Wizard for instrumentation.


If you want to test Adobe AIR applications, please refer to 

Interfaces and connectivity > Technology instrumentation > ⇢ Flash/Flex/Air