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To make an Android app automatable by Ranorex, it is necessary to instrument this application using the Instrumentation wizard.

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Android instrumentation wizard

Next to instrumenting and deploying your Android app, the Instrumentation Wizard allows you to update the Ranorex Service on your device as well as deploy the RXBrowser app, which enables ⇢ web testing for Android.

Choose the APK file of the app and the device, the instrumented APK file will be deployed to. More information about setting up a mobile device can be found in ⇢ Endpoints.

If the APK is already instrumented and only needs to be deployed on a mobile device, the checkbox ‘Instrument the App under test’ can be unchecked.

After processing the instrumentation and deploying the instrumented APK file to the selected device, the installation has to be confirmed on the device.

Finished Android instrumentation

The instrumented APK file can be found at location referenced by the link ‘Open instrumentation File location’. After instrumenting and deploying the APK file, the app is available in the ‘Create a Mobile Test’ dialog.

Choose mobile as technology

Instrumented APK in Create a mobile test dialog

The Ranorex Service App installed on the mobile device shows an overview of instrumented apps installed on the device.

Overview of instrumented APKs