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Google Chrome

The Chrome technology limitation will pop up if the Ranorex Extension for the Chrome Browser is not installed or enabled

Google Chrome Technology Limitation

The Instrumentation Wizard opens the Chrome web store page when pressing the ‘Next’ button. You can install the Extension by clicking the “+” sign in the store page.

Google Chrome Instrumentation Wizard

After activating the Extension, Ranorex should not have any limitation recognizing UI elements within your web document. Restart your application under test and your Ranorex tools to ensure that the newly added instrumentation works correctly.

Finished Google Chrome Instrumentation

When not using the default Chrome user profile, you have to add the Ranorex Chrome Add-On manually. To do so, open the Chrome Extensions settings (chrome://extensions), enable ‘Developer mode’ and press the ‘Load unpacked extension’ button. After choosing the ‘Ranorex Chrome Extension’ folder (Ranorex Chrome Extension) and confirming the new Extension, the Ranorex Add-On will be listed on the Extensions page.

Load Ranorex Chrome Extension

Installed Ranorex Automation Extension

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  • If you want to test cross domain iframe scripting with Google Chrome, you have to start Chrome with the command line argument ‘–disable-web-security –user-data-dir=”” ‘.
  • Verify that the extension ID (see screenshot above) is listed in the “allowed_origins” section of binRanorex.Plugin.ChromeMsgHost.manifest file.
  • If you want to test file URLs, you have to enable ‘Allow access to file URLs’ for the Ranorex Automation Extension.
  • If the NotScript Chrome Extension is installed, it has to be disabled to allow from point tracking with Ranorex.