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Google Chrome

In this chapter

    Install the Ranorex Automation Add-on

    When you see the technology limitation warning appear:

    Click Run Wizard…

    Select Google Chrome and click Next >.

    Select the desired options and click Next > to start the instrumentation process.

    Once instrumentation is complete, click Finish:

    Click Add to Chrome.

    Click Add extension to activate the add-on.

    The add-on appears in the settings of your browser.

    Manual installation

    You can also install the add-on manually without the Instrumentation Wizard.

    Type chrome://extensions into the address bar.

    Click Load unpacked.

    Browse to the folder Ranorex Chrome Extension in your Ranorex Studio installation folder.

    Click OK.

    Important notes for testing with Chrome

    • If you want to test cross-domain iframe scripting with Google Chrome, start Chrome with the command line argument –disable-web-security –user-data-dir=””
    • Make sure that the extension ID of the Ranorex Add-on is listed in the “allowed_origins” section of the binRanorex.Plugin.ChromeMsgHost.manifest file.
    • If you want to test file URLs, enable Allow access to file URLs for the Ranorex Add-on.
    • If the NotScript Chrome Extension is installed, disable it.