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Mozilla Firefox

The Mozilla technology limitation will pop up if the Ranorex Add-On for you Mozilla Browser is not installed or enabled. This technology limitation should only occur if you install Firefox after successfully installing Ranorex. If Mozilla Firefox has been installed before installing Ranorex, the Mozilla Browser Add-On will be installed and activated automatically.
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The ⇢ Open browser action will automatically instrument browsers by default.

Mozilla Firefox Technology Limitation

The Instrumentation Wizard tries to install the Mozilla Firefox Add-On when checking the checkbox ‘Activate Mozilla Firefox Add-On’ and tries to uninstall the Add-On when unchecking the mentioned checkbox.

Mozilla Firefox Instrumentation Wizard

After installing the Add-On, Ranorex should not have any limitation recognizing UI elements within your web document. Restart your application under test and your Ranorex tools to ensure that the newly added instrumentation works correctly.

Finished Mozilla Firefox Instrumentation

If the installation of the extension fails, please try the following steps in order, retrying after each step.

Run the Instrumentation Wizard as administrator. If starting the wizard from Ranorex Studio, restart Ranorex Studio as administrator first.

Close Firefox and try again.

Reinstall Firefox.

Uninstall Ranorex Studio, restart your computer, then reinstall Ranorex Studio.

Failed Mozilla Firefox Instrumentation

If you still get a limitation when tracking web elements, please ensure that the Mozilla Firefox Add-On is enabled in the Firefox Add-On settings.

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To successfully activate the Ranorex Add On for Firefox 8 and greater, it is necessary to confirm its installation.

Confirm Ranorex Automation Add-On installation