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Mozilla Firefox

In this chapter

    Install Ranorex Automation Add-on

    When you see the technology limitation warning appear:

    Click Run Wizard…

    Select Mozilla Firefox and click Next >.

    Select the desired options and click Next > to start the instrumentation process.

    When instrumentation is complete, click Finish:

    Click the installation notification in the menu.

    Click Enable to activate the add-on.

    The add-on appears in the settings of your browser.


    If installing the add-on fails, Ranorex Studio will show the following message:

    Please try the following steps in order, retrying after each step.

    Run the Instrumentation Wizard as administrator. If starting the wizard from Ranorex Studio, restart Ranorex Studio as administrator first.

    Close Firefox and try again.

    Reinstall Firefox.

    Uninstall Ranorex Studio, restart your computer, then reinstall Ranorex Studio.