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Testing of Legacy Applications

For some older technologies like VB6.0, Delphi or MFC based applications, Ranorex has only limited support in addressing UI elements in a robust way. With the GDI RawText Plug-In Ranorex increases object recognition for controls which use the Windows GDI drawing mechanism to display text on screen.

Add Class or Process to GDI Capture List

By default the Ranorex GDI Plug-In is not activated. Use the Ranorex Spy tool to activate the Plug-In for a specific control.

Add class name to GDI capture list

The pictures below show the different object recognition for a MFC-based menu bar control before and after GDI activation.

Before …

… and after GDI activation

You can also add a process name to the GDI capture list by right-clicking on the parent form element of a control in the Ranorex Spy tree.

Remove Classes or Processes from GDI Capture List

Open the main ‘Settings’ dialog within Ranorex Spy and click the ‘GDI Capture Settings’ button to edit the list of captured class names and processes.

GDI Capture Settings dialog shows currently observed processes and class names

Simply delete class or process names which have been added via the context menu from the text boxes shown above.