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Configure Ranorex Agent

Ranorex Agent's window with opened main menu is shown in the following picture:

Ranorex Agent window with opened main menu

In the top right corner of the agent's window, open the main menu to:

  • Change Display Name
    The agent's display name is shown in the top left corner of the agent's window and in the Remote Pad in Ranorex Studio. If you've changed the agent's display name, all those, who have this agent in their Agent List, will have to remove the agent with the former display name from their list, and re-add it manually with the new display name.
  • Change License Manager
    Select to switch to another License Manager.
  • Show Files…
    Opens the folder in the file system, which contains all data related to the agent.
  • Autostart at Logon
    Select to automatically start the Ranorex Agent after login into the machine.
  • Keep Session Active
    This setting makes sure that the user session keeps unlocked even if you close the remote session.

    For more information also consult the Remote FAQ section.

    Note As this mechanism will keep your remote machine unlocked even if you've disconnected your RDP session, an essential security mechanism is now disabled. Please beware that your remote machine can now easily be accessed as the system security is disabled. We advise you to not store sensitive data on your remote machine.

    Note When ending your active RDP session and switching to an unlocked remote session, the remote machine may change to a different screen resolution. This may happen in particular if your remote machine is a virtual machine. In this case, the default screen resolution of the virtual machine will likely be used. This may affect your tests.

  • Always on Top
    Check this option to show the agent's window on top of all other windows.
  • Exit
    Select to shut down the agent and release the license. In the Remote Pad in Ranorex Studio, this agent will be displayed as not reachable.