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Install and Set Up Ranorex Agent

Install the Ranorex Agent

  1. Download the installation package. Alternatively, you can click the 'Add Ranorex Agent' link in the Remote Pad in Ranorex Studio.
  2. Accept the terms in the License Agreement and press 'Install'
    Accepting the terms in the License Agreement
  3. Wait for the Setup Wizard to finish installing the Ranorex Agent

    Note Depending on your windows system configuration, you might need to give your consent in the Windows User Account Control.

  4. The installation has finished

Check ‘Start Ranorex Agent’ to automatically open the agent. The 'First Run Wizard' will guide you through the set up.

Setting up the Ranorex Agent

Complete the following steps to use a Ranorex Agent. When starting the Ranorex Agent for the first time, the 'First Run Wizard' will appear. 

First Run Wizard

  1. The display name will help you manage your Ranorex Agents in the Remote Pad of Ranorex Studio. 

    Setting a display name for the Ranorex Agent
  2. You need to install Ranorex Runtime to execute tests.
    You can decide to install Ranorex Runtime manually or at a future point in time. 

    Choosing whether to install the Ranorex Runtime

    If you choose to install Ranorex Runtime at this point, it will immediately download and install automatically. 

    Ranorex Runtime being downloaded and installed automatically

    Please wait until the Ranorex Runtime installation is complete. 

    Ranorex Runtime installation finished
  3. Configuration finished.
    Make sure the steps for preparing the agent’s host machine are completed. 

    Ranorex Agent configuration finished

    The Ranorex Agent has been configured and the setup is finished. Press 'Next' to open the main window of the agent.