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Agent list

The Agent List is where you get an overview of your agents, access agent management and the ⇢ Run History, and run tests.

The agents are listed with their display name, a status information and three controls.

Please find detailed information on how to execute remote tests in the section ⇢ Execute tests. If you want to view your remote test results, please refer to the section Run History.

Managing your Agent List

To add or remove agents from the Agent List, press the icon in the top right corner of the Remote Pad.

The ‘Manage Agents’ view can come in two states:

  • Agent List is empty:
  • Agent List containing agents:

The section ‘My Agents’ shows all agents currently contained in your Agent List. Use the ‘Remove’ button to delete agents from this list. Note that this action neither deletes the agent itself nor data on the agent, but merely removes the agent from the list. You can always re-add a previously removed agent to your Agent List.


The section ‘Available agents in your network’ lists all auto-discoverable agents in your network. To add an agent to your Agent List, press ‘Add Agent’.

In the last section of this list, you can manually search for agents within your network that are not auto-discoverable. Enter the name or IP-address of the machine the agent is installed on, to find the desired agent.

If it cannot be found, please refer to the section Ranorex Agent in the user guide and make sure it has been correctly ⇢ installed and configured.

If an agent cannot be found even though it has been installed and configured, please make sure the ⇢ firewall settings are correct. If it still cannot be found, please consult the ⇢ Troubleshooting section.