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Ranorex Agent

A Ranorex Agent is a standalone tool that enables remote test execution.

Quick facts:

  • A Ranorex Agent queues multiple requests and ⇢ executes one test at a time.
  • Agents can be ⇢ installed on physical and virtual machines.
  • One Ranorex Agent can be installed per machine.
  • An active user session is required for a Ranorex Agent to run.
  • Remotely executed tests are fully functional, including mouse and keyboard actions.
  • A Runtime floating license is required while an Agent is executing a test. The license must be included using the Include license information setting in the General settings.

When a Ranorex Agent is started, an icon will be shown in the Windows system tray. To open the Ranorex Agent window, just click on this icon:

Using the context menu of this icon, you can open and close the agent’s window.
Select ‘Exit’ to shut down the agent. Running tests remotely will not be possible after this action.

The window of the Ranorex Agent displays the agent’s job queue as well as the agent’s log, including technical details, and the agent’s display name. The host name of the machine is shown in the title bar.

You can also configure the settings of an agent. For more information on this topic visit this section:
⇢ Configure Ranorex Agent

The Job Queue provides an overview of the currently executed and planned tests. The jobs are listed with their individual Test Suite name and the issuer is presented with the machine’s name the issuing Ranorex Studio is running on.