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Run history

The Run History lists all finished runs of an agent. You can open the Run History with the right most button next to each agent in your Agent List.

The Run History shows all tests that have been executed remotely in a descending order. By default, you’ll see all test runs you’ve sent to the agent in the past 24 hours.

When selecting a test run, the actions that have been performed are shown in the details view below the list.

The list displays the result of the test run and the name of the test suite, including a timestamp of when the test execution has finished. A check mark in a green circle indicates that the test has been executed successfully, whereas a failed execution is highlighted with a white cross in a red circle.

Reports of remotely executed tests are stored on the machine of the agent they have been executed on. You have three options to open a report: you can either double-click the desired test run, right-click the test run to open its context menu and select ‘Open Report’, or press the download button in the bottom right corner in the details view. To save the report to your local machine or any other location, right-click on the opened report to get to the context menu and select ‘Save as…’. If a test-run has failed, no report will be available.

The Run History provides three filter options: result, ownership and timespan. The ownership of a test run refers to the name of the machine Ranorex Studio is running on.

Test runs can be deleted by all those who have access to the agent. Simply select the desired test run(s) and press the delete key, or select ‘Delete’ in the context menu for selected test run(s). When deleting a test run, all information connected to this test run will be removed from the agent.