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A RanoreXPath expression is primarily used to uniquely identify UI elements within a desktop, web, or mobile application. The syntax draws on the XML description syntax W3C XPath. In other words, RanoreXPath is a subset of XPath with necessary selected extensions.

Every UI element can be described by a unique RanoreXPath description. RanoreXPath is used to describe, search, identify and find UI elements within an application. The tools for creating and editing RanoreXPath are the path editor and Ranorex Spy, presented within separate chapters.

Necessary knowledge

To understand the concept of RanoreXPath we recommend reading:

Further reading

The concept of UI elements, adapters, capabilities and attributes and their values are introduced and explained in detail in > Ranorex Studio advanced > ⇢ UI elements.

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Mastering the RanoreXPath: Get an in-depth understanding of the RanoreXPath syntax, including how to use variables and regular expressions. Learn how to uniquely identify all types of UI elements, including invisible elements and elements with dynamic IDs.