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Track button

Using the ‘Track’ button to identify and reference UI-elements manually is a quick and easy to apply method. This section shows how to do it.

In this chapter

    Test example definition

    To explain the concept of tracking a UI-element by means of the Track-button, a simple test example is defined. All necessary test functionality is implemented within the database working environment of the demo application.

    Track button - test example definition

    Track button – test example definition

    See the Test database register pane of the demo application
    Test database working environment for test example

    Track button

    The track button is available from within different locations:

    • The repository toolbar in the lower section of the recorder view of Ranorex Studio
    • The Ranorex Spy tool if Spy has been started, or if the repository has been opened solely
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    The Track-button of Ranorex Spy is introduced and explained in the corresponding chapters of the user guide. The current explanation focusses on the track button functionality of Ranorex Studio and the Ranorex Recorder.


    Start the demo application and select the test database working environment

    Start Ranorex Studio and open a new test solution with a meaningful name

    Start tracking of track button test example

    Start tracking of track button test example

    Click the Track… button in the repository toolbar of Ranorex Studio
    Track a radio button in the demo application

    Track a radio button in the demo application

    Once Studio disappears into the background track (click) the Female radio button in the demo application

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    Activating the track-button leads to the tracking of exactly one UI-element. The track function ends then. It needs to be clicked for every UI-element tracking.

    Track button result(s)

    When a UI-element has been tracked and identified, the track function ends and Ranorex Studio appears again with the resulting repository.

    Track button - repository

    Track button – repository

    The repository contains the tracked & identified reference to the UI-element radio button and assigned the repository item the name RdbFemale
    Along with the name, a unique identifier (the so-called RanoreXPath) is stored. This identifier specifies the position of the corresponding UI-element within the GUI and helps to uniquely identify and describe the UI-element

    Tracking mechanism

    • Once activated (Track button clicked) the track function is ready to track & identify exactly one UI-element
    • The track function ends automatically after tracking one UI-element
    • Pressing F12 during the track function pauses tracking and therefore, enables you to track UI-elements hidden in drop-down lists or menus which need to be opened for track & identification first
    Pausing track function with F12

    Pausing track function with F12

    Pressing F12 during the track function enables you to track the menu item Project Management from a drop-down list in the demo application