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Track by recording

Track by recording is the regular way of tracking UI-elements during the recording of a test case. Although this default tracking method has been used during numerous fundamental chapters it is explained for the sake of completeness herein.

In this chapter

    Test example definition

    To explain the concept of tracking a UI-element by recording, a simple test example is defined. All necessary test functionality is implemented within the database working environment of the demo application.

    Track by recording - test example definition

    Track by recording – test example definition

    See the Test database register pane of the demo application
    Test database working environment for test example

    Track by recording

    Now let’s see how track by recording actually works.


    Start the demo application and select the test database working environment
    Start Ranorex Studio and open a new test solution without using the solution wizard

    Start instant recording of demo application

    Start instant recording of demo application

    Click the RECORD button in the recorder view of Ranorex Studio
    Ranorex Studio disappears and the recorder control center indicates the recording
    Track a radio button in the demo application

    Track a radio button in the demo application

    Now click the Female radio button in the demo application
    Click STOP in the recorder control center and end recording

    Track by recording result(s)

    When recording is ended, Ranorex Studio opens up the working environment and displays the recorder view with action list and current repository.

    Track by recording - action list

    Track by recording – action list

    Mouse click action representing the click on the female radio button referencing the repository item RdbFemale
    Track by recording - repository

    Track by recording – repository

    The repository contains the tracked & identified reference to the UI-element radio button and assigned the repository item the name RdbFemale

    Along with the name, a unique identifier (the so-called RanoreXPath) is stored. This identifier specifies the position of the corresponding UI-element within the GUI and helps to uniquely identify and describe the UI-element

    Tracking mechanism

    • During recording mouse clicks, user inputs, mouse movements (if activated) and other user interactions are tracked
    • Ranorex identifies the corresponding UI-elements and stores them with an inner representation as repository items
    • Usually, every UI-element is only referenced by one repository item in the repository
    • Ranorex recognizes if a UI-element is involved more than once and then re-uses already identified repository item(s)