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Recorder variables

Recorder variables are variables which are defined within the action table of the recorder view. Typically, these variables represent key sequences, match values, match names, file names, or file arguments, working directories, or any other parameter which is given along with the starting of an application under test. Any constant value which can be defined as a variable within the action table of the recorder represents this type of variable.

In this chapter

    Variable identification

    Before replacing a constant value with a variable, it is necessary to identify possible and useful variable candidates. Assume a database form where person data are to be inserted.

    Examples for recorder variables

    Important to know:

    • In this example, the text constant values for the first name, last name, and age can be replaced by a recorder variable
    • Variables in Ranorex are identified by a preceding $ to the variable name
    • Naming conventions and the management of variables are in control of your test team

    Defining recorder variables

    Definition of recorder variables

    Select the action where a recorder variable is to be defined and open the drop-down list right from the constant value. Click As new variable… to start variable definition
    Assign the variable a meaningful name and confirm with OK
    See the green printed variable name replacing the former constant value

    Default variable value

    The initially set (i.e. recorded) value is automatically pre-set as default variable value. In our example, the initially recorded text value ‘John’ is therefore set as default value. Default values can be changed at will.

    Recorder variable default value
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    The default value is the value which is applied if the variable is not bound to any data. Therefore, it might be important to choose the default value with care.

    Action variable management

    Action variables can be managed by means of the variable editor which is to be opened by clicking Variables in the recorder view.

    Opening recorder variable management

    Select & open a recording module containing variables
    Click the Variables… button in recorder toolbar to open the variable editor

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    Only variables of the current recording module are displayed in the variable editor.

    Recorder variable editor

    Variable name(s) with corresponding default value(s)
    Variable editor toolbar

    • Menu to copy & paste a variable to / from the clipboard
    • Option to add a new variable directly
    • Option to remove unused variables (variable cleanup)
    • Option to copy a variable from the repository to the current recording module if existent

    Variable indicator

    • Variable in use: Variable is used, i.e. it is assigned to an action item
    • Variable in use from repository: Variables from the repository show up if a variable repository item is used by the recording
    • Variable not in use: Variable is defined, but not assigned to an action item