Share weight rules

If you’re working with a team, it can be very useful to share your weight rules, so that your colleagues can also avoid dynamic IDs and generate robust RanoreXPath expressions.

This page explains how it works and also contains the default weight rules in XML format.

In this chapter

    Copy and paste weight rules

    Ranorex Studio stores weight rules as XML files. Sharing weight rules works by copying and pasting the content of a weight rule in the configuration dialog for attribute weights.

    In the configuration dialog for attribute weights, select the weight rule you want to share.
    Right-click the weight rule and click Copy.
    Paste the content into a text editor of your choice, save the file, and transfer it to the target machine.

    On the target machine, copy the content of the file, and in the configuration dialog for attribute weights, paste it into the list of rules.

    Default weight rules

    RxWinForms ControlNet11 Classnames


    RxWeb YUI (Yahoo User Interface Library)


    RxWeb JS Frameworks (ExtJS, Sencha, Ozone Widget ,…)


    RxWeb jQuery




    RxWeb GWT


    RxWeb MS Dynamics CRM


    RxWin32 Random Control IDs