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User code library

The user code library is the central place where you can find user code collections and methods that have been created within a test automation solution. This makes it easier to use and share user code methods within a solution and across teams.

User code methods that logically belong together are organized in user code collections. You can add a description to your user code collections and methods. These descriptions are shown in the user code library and help in selecting the right user code method.

In this chapter

    Creating user code collections & methods

    • The library can be accessed directly from the action table. Simply select the desired method to directly use it as an action
    • The search functionality aids in finding a specific method in comprehensive user code libraries
    • The user code library is intended to be used by developers and testers with programming skills


    The creation of user code collections and user code methods is explained in detail in > Ranorex Studio expert > User code library > ⇢ Collections & methods.

    Using the user code library

     If you’re not creating user code methods yourself, but only want to use them, check out the chapter on how to do so below.

    Further reading

    The application and use of the user code library can be found in > Ranorex Studio expert > User code library > ⇢ Using the user code library.