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Using the user code library


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    Where to find the user code library

    You can directly access the user code library from the action table. Simply click ‘Add New Action’ in the menu to select a method from the library.

    How does the user code library look like?

    All collections and their methods within a test automation solution are available in the user code library and displayed in aphabetical order.

    When you select a collection or method, its description is automatically displayed.

    You are looking for a specific collection or method? Then you can use the search and filter functionality above the list. The keyword you enter will be used to filter the library content for method names, namespaces and descriptions.

    Add a user code method from user code library

    Choose a user code method from the list.

    Confirm your selection by pressing the button “Confirm Selection”. The selected user code method will be added as action to the recording.