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An action is a single activity within a test case of automated software testing. Two groups of actions are distinguished. Basic actions are caused by user input devices. Mouse clicks and movements, keyboard clicks, or touch and swipe gestures on touchscreens belong to this group. Smart actions are the second group. They are designed to enhance the testing functionality. Switching the device orientation from “Portrait” to “Landscape” is one example among many. Actions are listed within an action list and can be viewed, structured, organized and maintained in a view of Ranorex Studio. The order of actions represents the flow of activities in a test case. This chapter introduces the concept of action and their strong link to repository items.

In this chapter

    Basic actions

    Basic actions are typically created by the end user with the keyboard, mouse, on-screen keyboard or touchscreen utilizing the mouse, mouse wheel, touch, key shortcut, key sequence, or mobile key-press. These actions are automatically recorded with the Ranorex Recorder.

    Mouse wheel
    Swipe gesture
    Key shortcut
    Key sequence
    Mobile key press
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    Actions can also be added and edited without recording by using the Add new action menu. Coded actions can also be created in the Recorder (user code actions).

    Smart actions

    All actions not being classified as basic action belong to the group of smart actions. They all will be introduced and explained in more detail in a subsequent section of this topic.

    Invoke action
    Get value
    Set value
    Open browser
    Run application
    Run mobile application
    Deploy Android app
    Deploy iOS app
    Set device orientation
    Close application
    Wait for
    Log message
    Capture screenshot
    Create snapshot
    User code

    Actions in Ranorex Studio

    In Ranorex Studio, actions are listed in the action list (action table), one part of the recorder view.

    Ranorex Studio action table

    Ranorex Studio action table

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    Actions are in the sequence of their execution, i.e. action #4 is executed before action #5.