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Manage recording modules

In this chapter, you’ll learn about managing and structuring recordings in Ranorex Studio.

In this chapter

    Rename a recording module

    The default name of a recording module is always RecordingX.rxrec, where X is the number of the recording module. You can change the name of a recording module in several places.

    Changing recording module name

    Changing recording module name

    Renaming in project file view

    • Use the context menu or press F2.
    • The names of all associated files will change automatically.

    Renaming in module browser view.

    • Use the context menu or press F2.

    Cut/copy/paste/delete a module

    Cut, copy, paste, and delete recording modules in the projects view using the standard Windows keyboard shortcuts or the context menu.

    Cut/copy/paste/delete action elements

    Cut/copy/paste/delete action elements

    Cut/copy/paste/delete in context menu
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    You can’t cut/copy/paste/delete in the module browser.

    Organize recording modules in folders

    You can organize your recording modules in folders in the projects view.

    Creating a new folder in the project file view

    Creating a new folder in the projects view

    In the projects view, select the item where you want to create the new folder.

    Open the context menu.

    Click Add > New folder.

    Give the folder a meaningful name (e.g. MyRecordings).

    Moving recording modules to new folder

    Moving recording modules to new folder

    Drag recording modules to the new folder.


    Recording module in new folder in projects view

    Recording module in new folder in module browser

    Structure actions within recording modules

    You can add separators to visually structure actions in the action table. This is purely cosmetic. It has no effect on the actions or their execution.

    Adding a separator action into a recording module

    Adding a separator between two actions

    Click Add new action > Separator.
    The separator is added after the selected action.
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    The separator will also appear as a log message in the report.
    Separator message in test report

    Separator message in the report


    You can edit a recording to make it more maintainable and reusable. See how to combine key sequences, replace a key sequence with an Add Entry function, create a new module by selecting and moving recorded actions, add modules to a test case, delete unnecessary actions, and clean up the repository in our video ⇢ Ranorex Studio Recorder basics 3: Edit a recording

    Add a new recording module

    Strive to keep your recordings as small as possible. This is why, sooner or later, you’ll need additional recording modules to keep your tests well structured.

    Adding a new recording module

    Adding a new recording module

    In the Studio toolbar, click the Add recording module button.

    Select the folder you want to save the module to and click OK.

    Give the module a meaningful name; then click Create.


    • The recording module appears in the projects view and the module browser.
    New recording module in project file view and module browser view

    New recording module in projects view and module browser

    New recording module in projects view

    New recording module in module browser

    Create a new recording from existing actions

    Sometimes, a recorded test may contain too many actions. This makes the recording hard to reuse. Ranorex Studio allows you to split large recordings into modular, reusable ones, using the Move to new recording module function.

    Select the actions you want to move to a new recording and right-click to open the context menu.
    Building a new recording module

    Moving actions to a new recording module

    Click Move to new recording module. If you have custom folders, also select a destination folder for the new module.
    Give the new recording module a meaningful name.
    Click Create.


    The new recording module is created with the selected actions. The new module appears in the projects view and the module browser.

    New built recording module

    New recording module with moved actions