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Ranorex Studio start page

The Ranorex Studio start page is the base from which you start a new test solution or open an existing one. It’s also a valuable resource for the latest information from Ranorex.

Structure of this chapter

    Ranorex Studio start page overview

    The Ranorex Studio start page is the initial working environment after opening the program. Many of the page components described below are continually updated and so require an active internet connection.

    Ranorex Studio start page main components

    Ranorex Studio Start page main components

    Start section
    Control center for starting a new test solution or opening an existing test solution

    Recent projects
    List of recently opened test projects and files

    Sample projects
    Available sample projects, described in the User Guide

    License information
    Current license type with expiration date. Click this area to learn more about your current license. If you’re using the 30-day free trial, the remaining time to use is displayed.

    Trial version - remaining time to use

    Trial version – remaining time to use

    Information region
    Link to resources such as the User Guide and featured information on automated testing

    Release highlights and announcements

    • Release highlights describing the current release of Ranorex Studio with a link to the release notes
    • Announcements section including information such as new Ranorex Studio releases, upcoming webinars, and the latest informative articles in our automated testing blog

    Version information

    To view detailed information about your version of Ranorex Studio, follow the step below.

    Go to Help > About in the menu bar.
    Current Ranorex Studio version information

    Current Ranorex Studio version information

    Available update

    When you are connected to the internet, Ranorex Studio automatically verifies whether the current release is installed. If a newer version is available, a green information bar appears on the start page, similar to the example below.

    Indicator for available newer Ranorex version

    Notification of an available newer version of Ranorex Studio

    License information

    Click the license information area for details about your current license model.

    Example for a current license model

    Example of a current license model

    Further reading

    Information about the available license models and the License Manager can be found in Ranorex Studio System Details > ⇢ Licensing