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Create a new solution

Required time: 2 minutes

In this step, you’ll create a new solution and take a first look at the Ranorex Studio user interface.

In this chapter

    Create a new test solution

    In the Start section of the Ranorex Studio Start page, click New test solution.
    In the dialog that opens, enter a name and click Create.
    The Ranorex Studio user interface appears with an empty recording already open.

    Creation of a new test solution

    Creating a new test solution

    The Ranorex Studio user interface

    Let’s take a quick look at the different elements of the Ranorex Studio user interface.

    Ranorex Studio initial working environment

    Project file view
    The projects file view displays all projects, folders, references, and files associated with your test solution.

    Module browser view
    The module browser provides quick access to all modules and module groups sorted by project.

    Recording module view – actions table
    This view is where you fill your recording module with actions and edit them. They are listed chronologically in an “actions table.”

    Recording module view – repository
    The repository contains all repository items that are referenced by actions. Repository items represent UI elements.