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Creation of repository items

There are multiple ways for creating repository items. The purpose of this chapter is to introduce and explain them.

In this chapter

    Automatic creation with Recorder

    During the recording of a test, UI-elements are identified and referenced by Ranorex and stored as repository items in the current repository. This is the way repository items are created and stored when recording a test.

    Example of recorded repository items

    Example of recorded repository items

    Track function

    Sometimes, it is useful to manually track and identify UI-elements. The Ranorex Recorder includes a useful function to do this.


    The manual tracking of UI-elements is an advanced topic and is introduced and explained in detail in > Ranorex Studio advanced > Tracking UI-elements > ⇢ Track button

    Instant tracking

    A further, sometimes more useful and quicker possibility to track UI-elements manually is to use the ‘Instant tracking’ method. This method is preferred when tracking of UI-elements which are hidden within menus, or drop-down lists are necessary.


    Instant tracking is an advanced topic and is introduced and explained in > Ranorex Studio advanced > Tracking UI-elements > ⇢ Instant tracking.

    Adding repository items using Spy

    Ranorex Spy is an advanced tool which is mainly used to track and manage UI-elements. This advanced topic is addressed in a separate chapter.

    Further reading

    Ranorex Spy, its functions, and various applications are introduced and explained in detail in > Ranorex Studio advanced > ⇢ Spy.