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The repository is a data structure where every user-interface element involved in any test-case is being uniquely identified and managed. The repository can be accessed through a Ranorex Studio view or by means of the Ranorex Spy tool. Each item of the repository represents one identified user-interface element of the software to be tested. The items are organized in a tree-like data structure and can be identified along a special syntax description named RanoreXPath. Within this chapter, you will learn everything necessary concerning the contents, structure, and organization of repositories in Ranorex Studio.

In this chapter

    UI-elements overview

    A software test usually follows a mixed series of user interactions and test validation steps. User interaction is done by means of ‘interacting’ with the graphical user interface, i.e. clicking buttons, inserting text, selecting menus, moving the mouse and others. The elements enabling this interaction are known as UI-elements.

    Demo application with UI-elements

    Demo application with UI-elements

    Introduction register tab
    Text label Welcome
    Text input field
    Submit button
    Reset link
    Exit button

    Repository & repository items

    The repository is the data structure (=container) where all UI-elements identified during all recordings of a test project are collected, stored and managed. The repository is visible in the lower section of the working environment of Ranorex Studio – below the action table. The repository will be shown when either a recording file or the repository file itself is opened in the file view.

    Repository & repository items

    Repository & repository items

    Repository tree view with repository items

    • Every repository item has a name which is derived from the Windows operating system and tracked by Ranorex during its GUI analysis
    • Default names can be changed at will. This option is being introduced later
    • Every repository item has its position within the tree-like structure representing the physical position of its corresponding UI-element within the GUI
    Path specification

    • Every repository item is uniquely defined by its path specification
    • The path specification is derived from the physical position of the UI-element in the GUI
    • The path specification follows a defined syntax. This concept is an advanced topic and therefore is addressed in a separate chapter

    Further reading

    The concept of RanoreXPath specification is an advanced topic and is introduced and explained in > Ranorex Studio advanced > ⇢ RanoreXPath.

    Repository structure

    A repository is organized in a tree-like structure. The nodes of this tree represent areas with a describable “path” within the GUI. The root node usually represents the program window of the application under test. The tree strucuture is derived from the structure of the GUI.

    Example for repository structure and GUI sections

    Example for repository structure and GUI sections


    • RxMainFrame represents the complete program window of the application
    • In the example, it contains the Exit button (visible in the lower right corner)


    • RxIntroduction represents the screen area of the ‘Introduction’ register tab
    • In the example, it contains all UI-elements of this register tab