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Repository cleanup

A repository usually contains references of UI-elements for all recordings of a test project. Within the continued management of recordings and update of actions, it easily can be that one or more repository items become outdated or unused. Therefore, it is useful to clean up the repository from time to time to keep it up to date and to ensure that all managed repository items are referenced. Repository cleanup removes unused, or un-referenced repository items. 

Repository cleanup

Repository cleanup

Click the Cleanup button in the repository toolbar

Unused, or unreferenced repository items are summarized in an information window to confirm their final removal from the repository.
If no unused repository items are found, a corresponding message appears

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Repositories may be valid for two or more test projects. Therefore, repository items may be shared within several projects. If not all of those projects are loaded in one solution a possibly identified un-referenced repository item may still be referenced in other projects. Therefore, be careful with the cleanup function.