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Validation of tool-tips

This chapter shows how to validate tooltips within an application under test (AUT).

In this chapter

    Test definition

    Assume you have a tooltip within an application as displayed in the image below. The purpose is to verify if the tooltip exists and displays the tooltip message when hovering the mouse over it.

    Tooltip example in demo application

    Tooltip example in demo application

    Activating tooltip validation

    Tooltip validation is activated through the Recorder hotkeys.

    Recorder hotkey activation

    Recorder hotkey activation

    Check hotkey activation
    Tooltip validation by pressing T

    Further reading

    Recorder hotkeys are introduced and explained in > Ranorex Studio fundamentals > Ranorex Recorder> ⇢ Recorder control center & hotkeys.

    Tooltip validation

    Validating tooltips

    Validating tooltips

    Move the mouse over the UI-element which triggers the tooltip
    Once the tooltip becomes visible, press T for tooltip validation

    Specifying tooltip validation

    Specifying tooltip validation

    Verify the correct tooltip element selection and confirm with Next
    Check the correct attribute (Exist) and finalize with OK

    Tooltip validation result

    See the resulting validation action and the corresponding repository.

    Tooltip validation result

    Tooltip validation result

    Action table with tooltip validation action (action #4)
    Corresponding repository item referencing the tooltip

    Sample solution

    The example herein can be downloaded. Feel free to experiment with the solution and improve your knowledge.

    Training! What do I do?

    Theme: Tooltip validation
    Time: Less than 20 min

    Download sample file


    Unzip the project directory to any folder on your computer
    Start Ranorex Studio and open the solution file TooltipValidation.rxsln

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    The sample solution is available for Ranorex versions 8.0 or higher. You need to agree to the automatic solution upgrade for versions 8.2 and higher.