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Image-based automation settings

Image-based automation settings are to specify the behavior of Ranorex in detecting and identifying UI-elements in an image-based way. The settings can either be made generally (by means of the settings dialog) or on an action-based way (by means of the action properties).

In this chapter

    Image-based settings

    To set up the default values for image-based recording, open up the ‘Settings‘ dialog and continue with activating the ‘Imaging‘ tab.

    Image-based settings dialog

    Image-based settings dialog

    Return the best match (and not the first one): If ‘Best Match’ is set to true, the result position with the highest similarity is used for validation. If is set to false, the first available result position will be used for the validation. The first is more accurate and the second is faster.
    Similarity threshold (0.0-1.0): Specifies the minimum similarity (0.0-1.0), that the image region to search for needs to have in common with the image in order to be considered a match
    Downsize quality
    Preprocessing steps: Defines preprocessing steps that can be performed on an image before search. Available options are ‘Downsize’, ‘Edges’, ‘EdgesSobel’, ‘Grayscale’ and ‘Threshold’

    Further reading

    The similarity threshold and the preprocessing steps are part of the image-based properties which are introduced and explained in detail in > Ranorex Studio advanced > Image-based automation > ⇢ Image-based properties.

    Timeout (ms)

    Image-based properties

    Image-based properties are available on an action-based access by selecting an action and pressing the F4 key. Remember that image-based properties only affect the corresponding action and not the image-based behavior of Ranorex generally.

    Accessing image-based properties

    Accessing image-based properties

    Select an action and press F4 to open the action properties
    See the image-based properties in the action properties pane

    You find the same settings and configurations as in the image-based settings dialog.

    Image-based action properties

    Image-based action properties

    See the preprocessing settings
    See the similarity factor setting


    Image-based automation is an advanced concept which is introduced and explained in detail beginning in > Ranorex Studio advanced > Image-based automation > ⇢ Introduction.