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Source Control

Introduction to Source Control

A source control system, also called revision control or version control system (VCS), keeps track of changes to a file or set of files. One can thus see who made changes and when. It allows reverting single files, or an entire project, to a previous state and comparing changes over time. It provides an easy way to recover previous versions of a file or project.

There are two types of version control systems: centralized version control systems, such as Subversion and Team Foundation Version Control, and distributed version control systems like Git. 

Important notice

This User Guide section provides information on the software prerequisites for each of the supported version control systems and how they can be used within Ranorex Studio.

As a precondition we assume you have knowledge about version control in general, as well as your specific version control system. Setting up and configuring the version control system of your choice is not in the scope of this documentation.

Source Control in Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Studio supports three version control systems. You can find more details on how to connect Ranorex Studio with these version control systems in the corresponding chapters: