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Testing of Java Applications

The Ranorex Java Plug-In allows testing of Java Swing and Java AWT applications. With Ranorex 5.0.0 and higher, the instrumentation will be enabled automatically. If you have instrumented your Java Runtime Environment using the Ranorex Instrumentation Wizard of a previous Ranorex version, it's recommended to deactivate the obsolete instrumentation. To do so, either use the Java instrumentation wizard or manually delete the Plug-In specific files as shown below.

Java Instrumentation Wizard

Java Instrumentation Wizard

Manual Disable obsolete Ranorex Java Plug-In

  1. First of all close all Ranorex Tools.
  2. Now you have to determine the path of your active Java runtime Environment to know where to copy the necessary files to. Open the Java Runtime Environment Settings which can be found in 'Java Control Panel' (Control-Panel -> Java). There you can see the path of your Java Runtime Environment. If you have more than one Java Runtime Environment installed on your machine, check which one will be used to execute your Java applications by determining which one is activated.
  3. After identifying the path, you have to delete each of the following files from its corresponding directory based on the root folder of your java runtime installation (e.g. 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\').
    • 'accessibility.properties' from \lib
    • 'RanorexAutomation.jar' from \lib\ext
    • 'JavaHelper32/64.dll' from \bin