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Testing of Mobile Websites on Android

As described in ⇢Instrument and deploy your Android app, deploy the RXBrowser app to your device using the Instrumentation Wizard.

Deploy the RXBrowser app to your Android device

You can also download and install the RxBrowser app from our Mobile Download Archive directly to your Android device by following the link above or by using the following QR code and click on the most recent RxBrowser for Android.

QR code to the Mobile Download Archive

After performing the mentioned steps it’s possible to access the RXBrowser app as any other instrumented native Android app from the ‘Create a mobile test’ dialog. Choose ‘Web’ as app and define the website you want to test. Continue by following the instructions in ⇢Create and run an Android test.

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The Web View in Android 2.3 does face stability problems. Since Ranorex also uses that web view for Android Web Testing, those instabilities might occur as well.