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Adding an iOS Endpoint

Open the endpoint pad.

If you haven’t added an endpoint yet, click on “Add endpoint” to continue.
If you have added an endpoint before, click on the “+” sign to continue.

Select iOS from the list in step 1.

You will now need to prepare your device so it can be added as an endpoint.
First, install the RxService App on the device. You can do so by scanning the QR code or by downloading the required files from /RxApp.
Then connect your device to the same network as the computer you are running Ranorex Studio on.
Alternatively, you can also connect it directly to the computer via USB.
Finally, start the RxService App on your device.

Your device should now appear in the list at the bottom. Select it.
If you want to change the name of the device as it will appear in the endpoint list, click on “Other Device…” and enter a new name in the “Endpoint name” field. Do not change the IP address or device serial (USB).

Finally, click on “Add endpoint”.

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If your device is missing from the list, try clicking the refresh button. You can also add a device manually by clicking on “Other Device…”. Choose an endpoint name and enter the device’s IP address or USB serial. Click on “Add endpoint”.

You have successfully added the device. It will now appear in the ⇢endpoint list. Click on “Add endpoint” to add another device or on “Complete setup” to return to the endpoint list.