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Adding a WebDriver Endpoint

You can add a Selenium or an Appium server as an endpoint with this option.

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We currently only support mobile web tests for Appium. When testing with Appium, you will need to increase the command timeout to a minimum of 30 seconds in the ⇢plugin settings for WebDriver. For information on how to set up an Appium environment and more, please refer to the Appium documentation.

Open the endpoint pad.

If you haven’t added an endpoint yet, click on “Add endpoint” to continue.
If you have added an endpoint before, click on the “+” sign to continue.

Select WebDriver from the list in step 1.

Choose a name for the Selenium or Appium server you want to add and enter its URL or IP address.

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In a default Selenium environment you must add /wd/hub to the URL or IP address of your Selenium server. Only change or omit this path if you have set up your Selenium infrastructure differently.

Click on “Test connection” to check whether the server can be connected to.
If this fails, make sure you’ve entered the endpoint address correctly and that the endpoint is connected to an accessible network or the Internet.

Finally, click on “Add endpoint”.

You have successfully added the WebDriver or Appium endpoint. It will now appear in the ⇢endpoint list. Click on “Add endpoint” to add another device or on “Complete setup” to return to the endpoint list.