Ranorex Studio Endpoints
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Endpoints are the gateways through which a locally executed test exchanges data with an external AUT. In simpler words, they allow you to test an external application or system as if it were on your machine. 

The endpoint pad allows you to view and add endpoints. Open the pad by clicking on “View Endpoints” in the toolbar.

Adding your first endpoint

If you haven’t added any endpoints yet, the welcome screen will be shown.

Click on “Add endpoint” to continue and follow the instructions for adding an ⇢Android, ⇢iOS, or ⇢WebDriver endpoint.

Adding additional endpoints

If you’ve added an endpoint before, the ⇢endpoint list will appear and the pad will look like this:

Click on the “+” sign to continue and follow the instructions for adding an ⇢Android, ⇢iOS, or ⇢WebDriver endpoint.

Shortcuts and command line execution

When building a solution, shortcut files for each endpoint are created in the output folder where the test executable is saved as well. These shortcuts allow you to execute the test directly on a specific endpoint. You can also do this by using the
⇢ command line parameter “endpoint”.