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Run a Test on Any iOS Device

We will show you how easy it is to run your iOS test on any iOS device. To do so,  add a second device as described earlier.
First convert the ‘Device Display Name’ value of the ‘Run Mobile App’ action in a recording variable.

Make the device name value variable

After making the device name value variable, open the ‘Data Source’ dialog of the test case with your recording and add a new simple data table containing the names of the devices on which you want to run the test on.

Add a simple data table

Add the device names to the simple data table

After doing so, switch to the ‘Data Binding’ tab and bind the data source to the variable in your recording.

Bind the data source to the variable

See ⇢ Data-Driven Testing if you want to learn more about the data-driven approach to testing.
The test suite is now prepared for running the recording on different devices. After successfully running the test, the test report should look like the figure below.

Successfully executed test on two devices

If you want to run one test on multiple devices at the same time, have a look at the section ⇢ Run Tests in Parallel.