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Testing of Mobile Websites on iOS

If you are going to automate web testing on your iOS device or simulator, you can use our already instrumented RxBrowser app.

You can either directly install the app onto your device (recommended method) or manually deploy it to from Xcode to your device.

For the first approach either use the instrumentation wizard where you can find the option Install Ranorex Browser as described in ⇢ Instrumentation Wizard – iOS, or open the Mobile Download Archive on your iOS device by following the link above or by using the following QR code and clicking on the RxBrowser distributable.

QR code for the Mobile Download Archive

For the second approach follow the description below:

  • Download and extract the RxBrowser Xcode project (RxBrowser.zip) from the Mobile Download Archive to your Mac.
  • Open the unpacked project with Xcode.
  • Clean and build the project.
  • Either deploy the app from Xcode to the device or create an IPA file to deploy it from a Windows machine to the device.

Build and deploy the project to your iOS device or simulator

After performing the steps above, it’s possible to access the RxBrowser app just like any other instrumented native iOS app. Continue by following the instructions in the ⇢ Adding Your iOS Device section.