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Mobile Testing

Learn how to automate Android or iOS app testing for different devices and languages. The following sections will explain how to set up an environment for mobile testing, how to generate and execute a test and what to do if any problems occur. The mobile apps KeePassDroid for Android and MiniKeePass for iOS are taken as examples on how to automate mobile applications using Ranorex.

For more general information on mobile testing, feel free to refer to our mobile testing wiki.


To automate apps on mobile devices (both iOS and Android), these devices need to be connected to a computer with Ranorex installed. The connection can be accomplished either with a USB cable or over Wi-Fi

Open ports

Mobile testing requires the following ports to be opened:

31000 TCP

31000 UDP

Getting Started

To get started with mobile application test automation choose your platform below:


Versioning ensures that only versions of the automation library and device service compatible with the currently installed Ranorex Studio version are used.

When using an incorrect version of an automation library/device service, a warning or error message will be shown.

If you are using an automation library/device service that is still compatible but is not the latest version, you will get a warning. It is always recommended to use the latest version because it includes the most recent bug fixes, meaning that you will most probably have the best possible automation experience. If for some reason you have to use an older library/service version, you can disable the technology limitation warning.

If you are using an incompatible version you will get an error. In this case it is recommended to use the latest version or at least a compatible one. A version becomes incompatible when completely new features are integrated or the communication protocol is changed.

Here you’ll find the mobile download archive to download the correct automation libraries matching your Ranorex version.

For further platform dependent information, have a look at the ⇢Android Testing and ⇢iOS Testing chapters.