How to collaborate in DesignWise

Easily share DesignWise plans with your colleagues and add notes.

Share a project with someone

First, open the plan from the project that you would like to share.

Next, click on “Share” underneath Review in the left navigation pane.

If the plan is not yet in a project, you will first need to move it to a project.

If the plan you’re sharing is already in a project, you can skip this step. Please note that all of the plans in the project will be shared because sharing is done in DesignWise by project, not by individual plan.

Add an email address (1), specify the rights to grant (2), and add the user (3)
The email address field will present the list of users from your organization upon partial match.

As explained in the table below, you can select different usage rights based on your preferences.

When sharing with someone who is not yet familiar with how to use DesignWise, you might want to select “Can Copy and Comment on Plans.” That way, the person you share with will be able to make comments to your plans and ask clarifying questions about it, but they will not be able to make changes to your plan.

DesignWise “Notes” allow you to add comments and/or questions to plans

Notes are specific to individual plans. They are located under Review in the left navigation pane.

Fill in the details of your note (1) and click the “Create” button (2)

Keep in mind that anyone with access the plan (including reviewers, etc.) can use this feature. This is usually a good thing.

If you need more context for a note, it may be useful to check the Revisions under the plan name dialog.

How many notes have been created for a plan? That information is shown here: