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Simple click and go solutions or hardcore coding – Ranorex combines both worlds

Set up automated test cases with our capture and replay functionality – it's that easy! Even non-programmers will find that our Ranorex Test Recorder offers a very simple approach to create automated test steps for desktop, web and mobile applications right from the start. Well-designed steps can be reused across multiple test cases – and that saves time.

Maybe you're more into coding? Professional programmers can use an API for C# and VB.NET to enhance their recordings instead of using the script-free drag & drop functionality. Go for it! Ranorex will support you along the way.

"The results up to now indicate that much less time is needed for execution with Ranorex robust tests compared to the previously used automation tool."

A Video Is Worth a Thousand Words

GUI Object Recognition

It doesn't matter if your button's appearance or position changes. Ranorex recognizes this and finds it with ease.

Record & Replay

Record all of your tests and use the editor to get rid of unnecessary or redundant steps. Ranorex's click & go functionality to the rescue!

Test Report

After every test you will get a report that includes all of the warnings and errors with quick links to the corresponding test steps.

Testing the way you want

Testing the Way You Want

Increased test coverage through the automation of different types of tests

Data driven testing

Data Driven Test

Test your projects with data or variables from various internal or external data sources – simple data tables, SQL connectors, CSV or Excel files – to iterate different test cases automatically.

Learn more about data-driven testing

Keyword driven testing

Keyword Driven Test

Build tests that everyone can read by adding an additional layer of abstraction and grouping test parts into understandable steps like login, startup or save.

Learn more about keyword-driven testing

Regression testing

Regression Testing

Automatically test existing code over and over again. That means that the side effects of new code modifications to existing applications can be minimized or avoided.

Learn more about regression testing

Cross-platform and Cross-device testing

Cross Platform & Device Testing

Automatically test your applications on different devices like desktop PCs, tablets or phones – and on different platforms like Windows, iOS or Android.

Learn more about cross-platform testing

agile test automation

Agile Testing

Make testing a priority in your cross-functional team! Integrate automated testing in your continuous integration environment to find bugs early and release working software faster. 

Learn more about agile testing

Automated GUI testing

Automated GUI Testing

Test the user interface of your application and check for the availability of UI elements and user interaction, e.g. keyboard and mouse events.

Learn more about GUI testing

Cross Browser Testing

Cross Browser Testing

Cross browser testing simplifies and automates the process of testing your web application over and over again for multiple existing browsers.

Learn more about cross-browser testing

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Test Automation User Guide

User Guide

You prefer written documentation? No problem – just read our User Guide online, or order a printed version from Amazon.

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Just starting out with Ranorex? Watch our short screencasts available 24/7 – for free and without registration.

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Free Test Automation Webinars

Free Webinars

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"Ranorex helped us to easily create automation scripts which could handle multiple devices, and software applications."

Harpreet Singh Sethi, Senior Manager, PND Product Unit at TomTom

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