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The perfect fit for test professionals

Are you looking for a comprehensive test automation solution to test your web, mobile and desktop apps with? Then Ranorex Studio, with its advanced tools for both testers and developers, is the right choice for you.

The perfect fit for individuals working on web projects

Do you want to test your website or web app in real browsers, across all operating systems? Ranorex Online is the fastest and easiest way to improve the qualitiy of your web presence. No plug-in or extension needed.

Why HTML5 Test Automation with Ranorex?

HTML5 Automated Testing

Automated Testing of HTML/HTML5 Applications
Made Easy

Ranorex simplifies the recording of automated HTML5 test scripts and provides an easy way to access any kind of HTML5 web elements from websites and web apps. Record your HTML5 test.

Cross-Browser Functional Testing

Create one automated HTML5 test using your preferred browser and then automatically execute the test using the most popular browsers. Learn more about cross-browser testing including all the latest browsers.

HTML5 Controls for Test Automation

HTML/HTML5 Controls for Test Automation

UI tests include support for new HTML5 tags. These controls can be recognized in HTML5 automated testing and offer the right verification options.

Mobile HTML5 Web Testing - Cross-Platform Testing

Mobile Web Testing

Ranorex also provides full support for mobile HTML5 web testing. This makes possible cross-platform web test automation for desktop browsers, iOS and Android devices and increases object recognition for native apps written with web technologies that are known as hybrid apps (e.g. PhoneGap, Xamarin, Sencha Touch). Learn more in an Automated Mobile App Testing Webinar.

Validation of HTML5 Test Actions

Real User Simulation Support and Easy-To-Use Validation Mode

Reliably capture and replay HTML5 test actions. Excellent object recognition of HTML5 apps, real user simulation (mouse movements, mouse-over, drag & drop) and coding-free validation of form submissions and mouse actions are all supported by Ranorex's automated test recorder

Handling of HTML Popups and Browser Dialogs

Handling HTML Popups and Browser Dialogs

Ranorex includes support for HTML popups and offer built-in dialog handlers for common browsers. Easily automate any kind of HTML popups and browser dialogs, such as JavaScript alerts, upload and logon dialogs.