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Broad technology support

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Introduction to keyword-driven testing

Understand the benefits of keyword-driven testing
Keyword-driven testing uses action words to represent user behaviors such as “Start Application,” “Log On,” “Click OK,” or “Close Window.” The actual steps to perform each action are documented separately. To create a test case, the relevant keywords are listed in an “action table” along with the data necessary to perform the test. Keyword-driven testing can be done manually, or the steps for the keyword can be automated. A major benefit of keyword-driven testing is that everyone on the team can participate in the creation of test cases regardless of development experience. And, because each test case is separated from the steps required to perform or automate it, maintenance is also reduced.

Introduction to keyword-driven testing

What is a keyword-driven testing framework?

Automate keyword-driven testing and reduce maintenance
As described above, a keyword-driven test automation framework separates each keyword from the procedures and data values required to execute it. This modular approach makes maintaining keyword-driven tests more efficient. For example, a procedure to “log on” needs to be changed only once to update all of the test cases that reference it. As a keyword-driven framework, Ranorex Studio includes tools for rapid automation of keywords and an action table to combine keywords into test cases, along with a shareable repository of UI objects. Ranorex Studio also supports a wide array of integrations with tools for test management, defect tracking, continuous integration, source control and more, so that you can build a complete keyword-driven testing toolchain.

Choose Ranorex for flexible keyword-driven testing

Use the automation approach that fits your needs:  easy-to-use codeless automation tools for everyone,  or Ranorex Studio’s full development environment for those with basic programming knowledge.

Choose Ranorex for flexible keyword-driven testing

Codeless test automation tools for everyone

Everyone on the team can build reusable automation modules and combine them to create keyword-driven test cases without writing a single line of code. Build sophisticated tests with Ranorex Studio’s powerful object recognition and reliable capture and replay technology. Capture user actions, then add validations. Combine keywords with data-driven testing, loops, local and global parameters, conditional execution and error-handling logic.

Full IDE for test automation engineers

With just basic programming knowledge, use Ranorex Studio’s full IDE to create user code methods and collections, and then combine them into action tables. In Ranorex Studio’s modular structure, each action is coded only once as a user code method; and then is stored in a user code collection for re-use in test cases as desired. Create tests in standard programming languages C# or VB.NET. The full IDE includes features such as code completion, tools for refactoring and debugging.

“Existing tests were taking around 2 days of work, now reduced to around 30 mins per run.“

Software Developer, Large Enterprise Industrial Manufacturing Company

Broad technology support

Ranorex Studio supports keyword-driven test automation for desktop, web, and mobile applications

Desktop testing

Benefit from the most comprehensive support for Windows-based applications on the testing market, including desktop applications based on Java and .Net, or hybrid desktop applications that use the Chromium-based frameworks such as CEF, Electron or Qt WebEngine. From third party controls like Telerik, DevExpress or Infragistics to end-to-end testing for ERP systems such as SAP or Salesforce, Ranorex Studio handles it all.

Support for UI controls

Web testing

Build keyword-driven tests on a Windows desktop in C# or VB.NET, and then execute them across all leading browsers to validate compatibility and responsive design. Detect visual regressions by comparing screenshots. Want to run tests in parallel on a Selenium Grid such as SauceLabs? It’s easy with Selenium Webdriver built into the Ranorex core API.  Learn more about the Ranorex Studio integration with Selenium WebDriver.

Robust field validations

Mobile testing

Ranorex Studio is your keyword-driven testing framework for iOS and Android applications. Instrument and deploy your tests with Wi-Fi or USB without jailbreaking your device. Test on real devices or simulators/emulators. Simulate user actions such as “touch”, “validate,” “swipe” and “change orientation.” Mock the GPS location, or access information such as battery, memory, or CPU state as well as text messages and calls stored on the device.

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