Automated Testing of iOS, Android and Windows 8 Apps

The Ranorex framework supports the latest versions of all mobile operating systems. Start automating your AndroidiOS and Windows 8 app testing – find bugs earlier and with less effort.
Record on real mobile device

Record on Real Mobile Devices

With Ranorex mobile testing you can directly record your tests on your device. When editing the recorded steps, there's no need to write a single line of code.

Click & Go Automation Editor

Click & Go Automation Editor

Object-based app testing has never been easier thanks to the Recorder actions table. Simply combine mobile app objects like buttons and text fields with action items like "Touch" or "Validate" for real user simulation. Manage your app objects and significantly reduce maintenance effort for cross-device test automation using the powerful Ranorex Object Repository. 
Easy mobile setup

Create Your First Test in Just a Few Minutes

It's simple to quickly set up your mobile test environment. Look through the easy to follow instructions and instrument and deploy your iOS app, or use the 'Click & Go' wizard to instrument and deploy your Android app over Wi-Fi or using a USB connection. 

"We found Ranorex as a reliable automated testing tool which easily integrated into any development and testing process. Ranorex helped us to easily create automation scripts which could handle multiple devices, and software applications."

Harpreet Singh Sethi, Senior Manager, TomTom

No modification to the device

There's No Need for Device Modification

Unlike many other tools, Ranorex mobile testing does not require you to jailbreak, unlock or root your device. You just execute the recorded tests on your device or emulator. 
Run automated tests on any mobile device

Any Device Any Language

The powerful Ranorex recognition capabilities of the mobile app's UI elements enable you to execute tests on any mobile device with any resolution and using any language. You can run your tests on tablets and smartphones. 
App validation and verification

Validation and Verification

Using the Ranorex framework, with its award winning object recognition mechanism it's easy to add validation and verification steps to your mobile application tests. The advanced object recognition method allows you to check a large number of control attributes.
Data-Driven Testing

Mobile Data-Driven Testing Framework

Make your mobile tests data-driven with the use of one of the following data connectors: SQL, CSV, Excel or Simple Table. In combination with variables used within recordings, the repositories and code module test data can easily be connected to existing test cases. 

"If you are looking at intuitive software testing automation solutions, then Ranorex is a product worth trying. The GUI test automation framework of Ranorex is just about what you need to carry out professional and functional test automation."

Khushboo Kaur, Software Engineer II, 3Pillar Global

Combine desktop, web and mobile apps testing

Combine Web, Mobile and Desktop App Testing

Using the Ranorex Tools, you can easily switch the context from mobile to desktop and web-based automation during the recording process. This allows you to create test scenarios combining a variety of technologies, e.g. mobile web tests.
Automation of web, mobile and desktop

Automate Web, Mobile and Desktop Apps

The Ranorex award winning automated testing tools provide support for a number of different desktop, web and mobile technologies. Next to state of the art technologies, Ranorex also supports old-style UI technologies to allow for test automation of legacy apps.
Manage Your Test Cases

Easily Manage Your Test Cases

The Ranorex Test Suite makes it easy to combine simple modules and recordings within single test cases. In addition, users can directly connect test data – stored in tables or external data sources – with variables used as place holders within modules as well as in Ranorex repositories.
Report - Reproduce Bugs and Maintain Your Tests

Reproduce Bugs and Maintain Your Tests More Easily

Graphical displayed test suite execution results give you a quick overview of your testing. Errors in the report are also shown as screenshots of the automation steps, enabling you to identify the problem more easily. In addition, the “Jump to Item” and “Open in Spy” buttons make it possible for you to jump directly to the corresponding action item.