Record Android tests

Record on Real Android Devices

Ranorex Android testing enables you to record your mobile tests on a real Android device and edit the recorded steps without having to write a single line of code. Record your first Android test.

Click & Go Automation Editor

Click & Go Automation Editor

Object-based app testing has never been easier with the Recorder's actions table. Simply combine mobile app objects like buttons or text fields with action items like "Touch" or "Validate" for real user simulation. Mange your app objects and significantly reduce maintenance effort for cross-device test automation using the powerful Ranorex Object Repository.

Android app instrumentation

Create Your First Test in Just a Few Minutes

No source files needed! Select your APK file and the easy-to-use wizard guides you through the process of instrumenting and deploying your Android app onto the device so you can start your first recording. Getting started with Android test automation.
Run automated tests on any Android device

Any Device Any Language

The powerful Ranorex recognition capabilities of the Android app's UI elements enable you to execute the tests on any Android device with any resolution and using any language. You can run your tests on Android tablets and Android smartphones. 
Manage multiple devices

Manage Multiple Devices over Wi-Fi Connection

No USB connection to your device is needed! Set up your Android test environment easily and manage your devices over Wi-Fi from a desktop PC. 
Data-Driven Testing

Data-Driven Testing Interface

Make your Android tests data-driven and use one of the following data connectors: SQL, CSV, Excel, Simple Table. In combination with variables used within Recordings, the repositories and code modules test data can be easily connected with existing test cases. 
Manage Your Test Cases

Manage Your Test Cases with Ease

The Ranorex Test Suite simplifies the combination of simple modules and recordings within single test cases. In addition, one can directly connect test data – stored in tables or external data sources – with variables used as place holders within modules and Ranorex repositories.
Automation of web, mobile and desktop

Automate Web, Mobile and Desktop Apps

The Ranorex award winning automated testing tools provide seamless testing of desktop, web and mobile applications including cross-technology, e.g. mobile web tests. We specialize not only in the most modern technologies, but also in old-style UI technologies, thus enabling the tester to access UI elements and their attribute values for validation. Learn more about supported technologies.
Report - Reproduce Bugs and Maintain Your Tests

Reproduce Bugs and Maintain Your Tests More Easily

A graphical Android test suite execution result gives you a quick overview of your testing. Errors in the report will show screenshots of the automation steps, therefore enabling you to identify the problem more easily. In addition, the “Jump to Item” and “Open in Spy” buttons enable you to jump directly to the corresponding action item.
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