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Service Partners

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Ranorex Service Partners are certified with Ranorex to deliver professional implementation / testing services and consulting using Ranorex. They help our clients make Ranorex an integral part of their internal test strategy and provide excellence throughout the complete value chain of testing. Our partners provide services in the following areas, but not limited to:
  • Test automation audits
  • Analysis and consulting
  • Integration, frameworks, and training
  • Test execution and managed testing services (MTS)
If you are searching for a firm to build a framework, assist with test automation or manage testing services, our service partners are the first choice when it comes to Ranorex testing.
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Gold Service Partners

Our certified Gold Service Partners are the pinnacle of our service partner program. Gold partner test consultants have proven their Ranorex expertise in multiple projects and are Ranorex-certified to ensure our quality standard in the field. Our Gold Service Partners provide in-depth test automation services and have a strong presence in their respective territories.

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Silver Service Partners

Our certified Silver Service Partners are specialized experts in test automation. Like our Gold Service Partners, Silver Partner test consultants are Ranorex-certified and have proven their expertise in various projects.

North American Service Partners

PQA Testing Logo
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PQA Testing

PQA Testing has been the home of passionate software testers in Canada since 1997. With over 80 talented and dedicated testing professionals, our team works with leading edge companies, technologies and tools to solve our clients’ software testing challenges. PQA Testing offers a full range of software quality assurance services throughout the entire software development lifecycle. From strategic consulting to manual functional testing, PQA Testing has extensive experience in helping organizations design and execute their testing efforts. PQA Testing’s comprehensive testing expertise includes: manual functional testing, test automation implementations, performance testing, security testing and QA consulting.
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CelticQA Solutions

For 10 years CelticQA Solutions has provided Software Quality Assurance, Thought Leadership and Software Testing to a wide portfolio of global clients ranging from SMEs to Fortune 1000 and Forbes 500 Companies. CelticQA Solutions understands that investing in Software QA is crucial to the success of any organization. CelticQA Solutions believes that all IT Software Projects should Go Live with No Critical Defects – 100% of the Time. CelticQA Solutions accomplishes this by deploying their QAConnect Methodology which saves their clients time, improves their bottom line and Increase QA Efficiencies by a minimum of 30% – all while maintaining “Zero Critical Defects”.
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Model Compilers

Making the most of automated testing requires creating the best tests. These begin with solid analysis that elicits stakeholder needs, planning that exploits the agile, incremental nature of today’s processes, and modeling that accurately captures verifiable requirements. Model Compilers provides complete, high-quality coaching, training, and professional services for customers seeking to create tests to give their software a good workout. Their flagship product, TAME, produces comprehensive test cases from simple yet detailed functional specifications. Together with a complete training and services program, they provide outstanding guidance to ensure successful test automation with Ranorex.
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SoftwareCPR® has over one hundred years test experience in the medical device industry and has performed FDA software validation for IVD, hemodialysis, cardiac monitoring, clinical data management, and production/quality systems. This includes embedded, commercial, custom OS and cloud-based applications. From planning to test execution, from traceability to test summaries ready for regulatory submission, all services are risk-based and custom-tailored for compliance and efficiency. Test compliance meets IEC 62304 and IEC 62366.
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Olenick offers project management, IT infrastructure, assessments & training, requirements & quality assurance, software, mobile, performance, functional and automated testing, dashboard, application, software engineering, and configuration management support to clients which gives them the ability to complete software projects with clear and undeniable evidence of success; success measured in terms of quality, cost, and timeliness. Our services are wrought from experiences in every facet of software development.

Latin American Service Partners

GlobalNow IT logo
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GlobalNow IT Inc.

GlobalNow IT Inc., headquartered in Dallas Texas U.S., is a software development and software quality assurance company with global teams located in multiple Latin America locations, including our software testing center located in San Jose, Costa Rica. Our quality assurance service focuses on the testing of applications and systems by applying best in class tools (such as Ranorex), with affordable QA engineers and proven operational methods; reducing our client’s cost while improving their customer satisfaction and overall service quality.

South American Service Partners

Regency IT logo
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Regency IT

Regency IT offers a comprehensive service portfolio including software, IT infrastructure, and business process testing as a service in the cloud or on-site via their own innovative solution that manages IT as a commodity: Regency Governance as a Service®. This solution provides organizations with the exactly amount of infrastructure, software and business process support needed, based on an agreed time-based fee. GaaS streamlines innovation and drastically reduces costs while improving the software development processes through the use of the Ranorex test automation tool.

European Service Partners

Noser Engineering AG Logo
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Noser Engineering AG

Noser Engineering AG is headquartered in Switzerland. For more than 30 years, they have been providing consulting, solutions and services to local companies as well as European and multinational companies. Through new, inspiring and challenging projects, Noser’s 160 employees deliver success to their customers each and every day. The accolades of the company are many: winners of the Swiss ICT Champions, award winning Microsoft ALM consultants, founding member of the Open Handset Alliance™ (Android), market leader in Swiss system testing/QA and embedded systems. Noser Engineering adds value through quality, on-time delivery, speed and innovation.
andagon GmbH logo
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andagon GmbH

andagon GmbH is a well-established player in the DACH region for software quality assurance, test automation, and test management. Andagon offers a highly-competitive product and service portfolio including consulting services, professional services, its own ALM solution named aqua and innovative cloud-based testing services. Since 2009 andagon has worked deeply together with Ranorex providing test automation services from enterprise customers to startups and training services. All of its 60 test specialists have a high expertise in using Ranorex and delivered solutions to customers in many different projects. .
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Based in France, B/Acceptance is a Software QA and Test specialist. With over 40 dedicated testing specialists, B/Acceptance provides Test Expertise, Manual Testing delivery and Test automation. B/Acceptance’s approach focuses on business process validation and manages the Information System as a tool dedicated to the business, in order to guarantee the end-user experience. Ranorex partner since 2013, B/Acceptance delivered more than 10 projects with the Ranorex Solution, mainly dedicated to Web & Mobile apps testing, and provides Ranorex Training courses.
Celtic Testing Experts Logo
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CelticQA Solutions

For 10 years CelticQA Solutions has provided Software Quality Assurance, Thought Leadership and Software Testing to a wide portfolio of global clients ranging from SMEs to Fortune 1000 and Forbes 500 Companies. CelticQA Solutions understands that investing in Software QA is crucial to the success of any organization. CelticQA Solutions believes that all IT Software Projects should Go Live with No Critical Defects – 100% of the Time. CelticQA Solutions accomplishes this by deploying their QAConnect Methodology which saves their clients time, improves their bottom line and Increase QA Efficiencies by a minimum of 30% – all while maintaining “Zero Critical Defects”.
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imbus AG

imbus AG is one of Germany’s leading specialists for software quality assurance and testing. With more than 230 employees at four locations, imbus supports companies and IT-users in verifying and validating complex and demanding software systems, as well as in the optimisation of their software development processes.
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CTG provides industry-specific IT services and solutions that address the business needs and challenges of clients in high-growth industries in North America and Western Europe (offices in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the UK). CTG also provides strategic staffing services for major technology companies and large corporations. Backed by 50 years of experience and proprietary methodologies, CTG has a proven track record of reliably delivering high-value, industry-specific staffing services and solutions to its clients. CTG is specialized in the setup and implementation of Continuous Integration/DevOps practices. One of the core aspects of CI/DevOps is to automate regression tests in order to validate each build. This is where our partnership with Ranorex comes into play. CTG performed several POC’s and test automation projects in different sectors. In addition to the implementation projects, CTG also provides Ranorex training and consultancy services. Once the test automation processes are in place, CTG can help your company on its CI/DevOps road to maturity.
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As an independent technology company, MT AG provides services in the sectors IT strategy and architecture, application development, business intelligence and managed services. Against the background of digital transformation MT AG focuses on agile software development. In the field of quality assurance, MT AG is specialized in the setup and implementation of Continuous Integration/DevOps practices to automate testing processes with the objective of saving resources, increasing quality and accelerating development. MT AG is based in Ratingen, Germany (near Düsseldorf) and has about 200 employees, including several certified Ranorex-experts. Furthermore, MT AG is a multiple Microsoft gold partner.
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Software Quality Lab

Software Quality Lab is a leading independent consulting and service company for quality management and testing, specializing in the increase of efficiency, quality and security in system and software development as well as in IT processes.
Nagler & Company Logo
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Nagler & Company

Dr. Nagler & Company is a medium-sized business consulting firm focused on the financial industry. We support our clients in the fields of risk management, capital-market operations and market data. Our service portfolio ranges from assistance with strategic issues and functional design all the way to detailed process and IT implementation.
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TestHuset A/S is a Danish-owned company with more than 80 consultants specialized in Quality Assurance of software. Our overall goal is to create added value for our customers by increasing the quality of their IT solutions. Based on each individual customer, we assist in integrating, improving and measuring quality through the complete SDLC. TestHuset focuses on delivering innovative and value-added solutions within QA, no matter whether it is our certified IT-consultants, technical services, advisory or training programs.
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e-testing is an independent UK based IT consultancy, with a total focus on software testing, providing on and off-site testing services for a wide range of clients since 1999. They specialize in providing test automation and performance testing services, backed up by test process improvement initiatives, knowledge transfer, and training. They have significant expertise around delivering frameworks and best practice in test automation within continuous agile environments, to help their clients maximise investment and easily maintain and evolve regression packs, throughout the lifecycle of applications under development.
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De Agile Testers

Based in the Netherlands, De Agile Testers is an Agile test consultancy specialist. The team consists of only experienced Agile test specialists that have a focus on context driven testing. They are specialized in adding value to the development of software by Rapid Software Testing and automating (functional) checks. And they can also help companies in the transformation from traditional development to Agile development with training and on-the-job coaching. De Agile Testers experts can consult, build POCs and implement and execute complete testing solutions.
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4D Soft

4D Soft provides its clients with custom-developed software testing solutions coupled with cutting-edge training based on an ongoing commitment to R&D. Their expertise includes test design, functional test automation and agile testing. The company has introduced a simplified category-partition methodology to create tests. This new methodology ensures all tests are executed on specification, so no missing or superfluous tests are created. Furthermore, it supports testing with a test data adequacy criterion that indicates when to stop testing. 4D Soft uses Ranorex to deliver optimal results for API and GUI testing. Besides C#, the company also tests Java, C, C++ and other code.
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Abesse is an IT company that offered its enterprise clients IT services for 15 years with their vast knowledge in enterprise level companies. Abesse’s key competence has always been process improvement with soft and hard developments. In the last 15 years we have worked on more than 500 projects with our clients in Hungary. Among our clients you can find some of Hungary’s largest companies, such as banks, oil and gas companies, insurance companies, telco companies, etc. Our clients’ strict timelines and requirements for short notice during the support period is a well-defined and understandable criterion. Abesse can manage these requirements and fulfil them. Our customers’ processes and main activities are deepened in our cooperation, so we can effectively work with the solution to be delivered. In our relationship with our clients, we strive for cooperation based on reliability, predictability and mutual benefits.
Sela Group Logo
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Sela Group

Sela Group is a global company with a track record of over two decades in IT training, consultation and implementation. Sela has active branches in Israel, Canada, the USA, India, and Singapore and offers consulting, management, and on-site and off-site development and staff augmentation services to companies across the globe. Sela is also a market leader in the technology training sector and provides cutting-edge instructor-led and online training at the Sela College and Sela Training Center, taught by its industry experts. Sela is also a Microsoft Gold Partner in Training, ALM, Mobility and Application Development. Its ALM division, one of the largest in the world, boasts ALM specialists, architects, and Microsoft MVPs; and specializes in DevOps, TFS, UI Automation, Testing and Project Management. Sela’s end-to-end solutions are always tailored to the customer’s needs and range from expert-led training and consultation to management and implementation. Sela’s Ranorex experts can consult, train, build POCs and implement complete testing solutions. With its rich expertise in TFS and other ALM tools and build systems, Sela can also help with build automation and integration.
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Step2IT GmbH is a consulting company which has its focus in functional test automation. The company has a very strong presence in Switzerland, but it also active throughout DACH region. The Step2IT team have gained practical long-term experience in many different test automation projects involving various technologies, tools and industries. Step2IT offers a combination of a solid technical background and years of testing experience. step2IT services include the realization of POCs, implementation of complete test automation projects, training and providing specialists for help in implementing automation projects. The company’s many years of Ranorex experience through work on various projects, implementing test frameworks and integrating Ranorex with other tools make it possible for us to help our customers to get the best out of the product.
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Acentix is based in Switzerland. For over 15 years we have been supporting customers in the design, implementation and operation of monitoring solutions. Expertise and social skills paired with years of experience enables our team to create value-added solutions for customers. Our creative approach helps reduce complexity, increase end-user confidence in IT and foster IT to respond more quickly to new business needs. More information www.acentix.ch 

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ELEKS is a global organization providing software engineering, technology consulting and quality assurance services. The company helps industry leaders and technology challengers turn creative ideas into tangible business value by delivering innovative and reliable solutions for the customers’ unparalleled business growth to include Data Science, Mobility, Digital Production and Financial solutions. Since 1991, ELEKS software solutions have significantly contributed to the success of the company’s customers, including Fortune 500 companies, and are recognized as a valuable part of international best practices. Named a Top 100 Global Outsourcing Company by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals® (IAOP®), ELEKS is a strategic partner with the proven ability to address the customers’ most pressing needs. The company’s delivery organization, consisting of approximately 1,000 professionals in Eastern Europe, is strengthened by a local presence in Europe and the UK.
infoteam Software AG Logo
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infoteam Software AG

Developing software solutions and services for Industry, Life Science and Medical Engineering, we provide important impetus for future developments. At infoteam, long-term experience in software design, implementation and maintenance based on modern methods, technologies and processes goes hand in hand with the continuous optimization of innovative concepts. infoteam Software AG works with a certified quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 as well as a certified development process for safety-related software in accordance with IEC 61508.
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suxxesso gmbh

suxxesso supports companies of all sizes in implementing test automation for SAP® solutions as a competent partner. With extensive methodological knowledge and experience gained from many successful consulting projects, suxxesso has an innovative product portfolio, including consulting and training services. suxxesso supports customers to ensure their system quality effectively and efficiently: through widespread test content via standardized test cases, automated selection of test data for the test execution and the ability to easily create test cases for specific processes, custom code and additional developments.

Asia Pacific Service Partners

Planit logo
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For over 20 years, Planit has built and solidified its leading position in the software testing industry with an impressive track record servicing clients across all sectors. Planit currently employs over 1500 highly skilled consultants in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and India, all of whom focus on software testing and software quality. In addition to providing consulting services, Planit leads the Asia Pacific market in the delivery of ISTQB, BCS, iSQL and Certified Agile training courses and certifications and is listed in the Gartner MQ for Application Testing Services Worldwide.