Pricing and Licensing | Ranorex Test Automation Tools Price List

Pricing & Licensing

One License. All Updates. All Technologies.

Premium Licenses


Ranorex Studio (incl. Ranorex Recorder, Ranorex Spy, Ranorex API,...)
Create, maintain & execute automated tests

Desktop testing
Web testing
Mobile testing
Shared license (1 concurrent user)
Virtual machines and terminal server environments
12 months maintenance & professional support
$ 2,990

Perpetual license, excl. VAT

$ 4,990

Perpetual license, excl. VAT

Are you interested in advanced support services, including telephone and priority support as well as a project analysis? Contact us and inquire about Ranorex Enterprise Licenses.

Runtime License

Runtime License

A Ranorex Runtime License enables test execution only. It is an add-on to a Premium License and allows one user to run tests on additional physical and virtual machines.

Execute tests for desktop, web and mobile applications.

Remote test execution (Ranorex Agent )

Shared license (1 concurrent user)

$ 890

Perpetual license, excl. VAT

You're interested in using multiple Ranorex Runtime Licenses? Contact us to discuss possible volume discount options.
Boost Parallel Testing


Runtime Floating Package
for 10 concurrent executions
$ 990

excl. VAT

Add multiple Runtime Floating Licenses to your account for a month to boost parallel testing and get faster feedback from your tests.

Do not hesitate to ask for more concurrent Runtime licenses or different time frames. Contact us

Frequently Asked Questions

Which technologies are included in a licence
We believe in the importance of a straightforward and comprehensive licensing model. This is why one Ranorex license enables automated testing of desktop, web and mobile applications. 
What's the difference between Premium Licenses and a Runtime Floating License?
Premium Licenses enable you to create, execute and maintain tests in Ranorex Studio. A Runtime License is an add-on to a Premium License that only allows test execution on additional physical and virtual machines. A Runtime Floating License is also needed to set up a Ranorex Agent for remote test execution. 
What's the difference between Premium Node-Locked and Premium Floating?
A Premium Node-Locked License is bound to the host name of a physical machine. A Premium Floating License can be used by one concurrent user on physical and virtual machines. 
What's a Runtime Floating License?
A Runtime Floating License enables test execution only. It’s an add-on to a Premium License, and allows one concurrent user to run tests on additional physical and virtual machines. A Ranorex Runtime Floating License is also needed to set up a Ranorex Agent and use the Ranorex Remote feature in Ranorex Studio. 
Is a Runtime Floating License enough to work with Ranorex?
No. You need at least one Premium License to create and maintain tests. The Runtime Floating License is an add-on to a Premium License and only enables test execution on additional physical and virtual machines (1 concurrent user per license). 
How are Floating Licenses managed?
Floating Licenses are managed with the Ranorex License Manager  which is part of the Ranorex software package. This way, licenses can be shared easily within a team of multiple Ranorex Studio users. Please consider that one Floating License can only be used by a single user at a time. 
What's included in maintenance and support?

For a period of 12 months, starting with the day of license purchase, you have access to: 

  • Maintenance: We’re continuously improving our Ranorex product and are frequently adding new features. Maintenance includes access to all major and minor software updates.
  • Support: Simply ask for assistance and contact our support team via email. No question is too simple or too difficult. We’re here to help. In addition, using the Ranorex forum you’ll benefit from a great Ranorex community and can get in contact with more than 18,000 registered Ranorex users.
How can I extend my maintenance and support period?
Maintenance and support services have to be renewed annually. You can purchase a Renewal within 12 months of your license purchase to extend your maintenance and support period. Please visit our Renewal site for detailed information or contact us to purchase a Renewal. 
What happens if I don't purchase a Renewal within the given time?
12 months from the day of your license purchase, your maintenance and support period expires. You will not have access to any software updates and cannot send technical support inquiries to the Ranorex support team. Once the renewal date has passed, you’ve 6 months to purchase a Late Renewal. If you’ve missed the late renewal period, please contact us to inquire an individual offer. 
Is remote test execution possible with Ranorex?
Yes. You can simultaneously execute multiple automated tests in different environments on Ranorex Agents using Ranorex Remote. This feature enables you to deploy tests to Ranorex Agents for remote test execution. You need a Ranorex Runtime License to set up a Ranorex Agent and use Ranorex Remote.
What is the difference between regular and enterprise licenses?
The overall software functionality is the same for both regular and enterprise licenses. Ranorex Enterprise License customers benefit from advanced support services that get them the most value out of their licenses. The enterprise support services include access to the exclusive Ranorex Service Line, priority handling of support requests, remote sessions, a guaranteed initial response time of 24 hours or less (on business days), as well as a Ranorex Project Review provided by Ranorex in-house experts.
Which license do I need to execute a Ranorex test on a Selenium WebDriver endpoint?
You will need at least a Ranorex Runtime License to execute a Ranorex test on a Selenium WebDriver endpoint. 
Which licenses do I need to use the Selenium WebDriver integration?
The Selenium WebDriver integration in Ranorex Studio enables you to create tests in Ranorex Studio and run them on WebDriver endpoints. You will need a Ranorex premium license to create a test in Ranorex Studio and run it on a WebDriver endpoint. To simply execute a Ranorex test on a WebDriver endpoint, you will need a Ranorex Runtime License.

Please contact us if you have any further questions about Ranorex licenses and pricing, or want to request a formal quote.