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Ranorex Studio Product Roadmap

Preview the future of test automation.

Ranorex Studio 9.2: Cutting-edge technology support, refined data-driven testing, and much more.

features in progress

Features in progress

Read about new features and enhancements that are currently in development.

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Ranorex Studio product roadmap

See what’s ahead for Ranorex Studio.

The Ranorex Studio product roadmap below identifies major new features and enhancements that will be implemented in the near future. Ranorex continuously monitors customer demands, market trends, and emerging technologies. To allow for ongoing innovation and deliver the best possible tools to our users, Ranorex may update the roadmap from time to time.

If there is a feature you need that is not on our product roadmap, visit the Ranorex UserVoice to submit a new feature request or to vote for an existing request.

To get an early look at upcoming features, apply to join the Ranorex Studio Beta Program. 

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Features in progress

Improve reporting in the TestRail and Jira plugins

Drag & Drop support on iOS

Support for Chromium-based Edge browser

A mentor tool that helps the user to follow best practices and to write good and maintainable tests
Intercom Chat in Ranorex Studio for trial users

Various smaller usability improvements

Next up

Azure DevOps integration

Conditions and Loops in the Action Table
Improve IDE functionality: code completion, C# version support, etc.
Better API documentation and API tutorials


Improve existing integrations

Focus on better support for mobile testing

Research: Provide better path generation mechanisms 
Improve Stability and Performance Integrate with Popular Tools Best-In-Class Object Recognition User Empowerment

Requested Features

Vote for existing feature requests or submit new ones on the Ranorex UserVoice, and help bridge the gap between our development focus and actual user needs. These feature requests on Ranorex User Voice have recently been implemented in Ranorex Studio:

  • Support for Jira integration
  • Ranorex 64 bit version
  • Easy handling of web elements with dynamic IDs
  • Support of JxBrowser
  • Full support for shadow DOM
  • Dark and light theme

The feature you are looking for isn’t on this page? Submit a feature request or read about the most popular feature ideas on Ranorex Studio UserVoice.