Out of the Box Qt Application Support for Desktop & Web

Qt Automated Testing

The Ranorex Test Automation Framework supports test automation for any technology, including Windows desktop applications based on the Qt Widget Toolkit. Create functional Qt application tests on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows operating systems. Qt Quick and Qt Webkit support means additional Qt automated testing possibilities along with excellent GUI object recognition without instrumentation.

Benefits of Testing Qt Applications with Ranorex

Record Qt GUI Tests for Web and Desktop Applications

The Automated Test Recorder, with its excellent GUI object recognition captures and replays test cases and enables the robust test automation of Qt apps. The stable automated tests still work even if there are UI changes in the application.

Quick ROI with Ranorex Automated Testing of Qt Apps

Ranorex is easy and affordable. Automated GUI tests increase the quality of your Qt applications and reduce testing costs.

Seamless Integration

Integrate your Qt test suites into any existing testing and development process by creating executable files(.exe).

Read and Write Qt Object Properties and Call Methods

Ranorex allows accessing both visual and non-visual object properties and methods for creating powerful Qt test automation projects.

Keyword-Driven, Data-Driven or Regression Qt Application Tests

Make use of regression testing if recorded Qt test cases should be executed at regular intervals. Other testing types include keyword-driven tests and data-driven tests.

Complete Flexibility

Ranorex offers a user-friendly test environment with script-free testing of Qt applications for non-programmers. In addition, testers can also make use of a professional API for C# and VB.NET to enhance recorded test cases.

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