Ranorex Studio vs. Ranorex Webtestit | Compare Web Application Testing Solutions

Ranorex Studio vs. Ranorex Webtestit

Choose the best automated web application testing solution for your needs.

best choice for…
  • Testing desktop, web & mobile applications
  • Testers with or without programming experience
  • Full IDE for test development in C# or VB.NET
  • Codeless automation using action capture and editor
  • Mixed-technology web tests
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best choice for…
  • Testing web applications
  • Testers with programming experience
  • IDE optimized for web testing in Java, TypeScript, or Python
  • Code driven automation using Selenium or Protractor
  • Web tests
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Get to Know Ranorex Webtestit: Learn how to build robust and reliable Selenium test suites from installation through to execution with Ranorex Webtestit

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Get the tools you need for increased productivity and fast results from testing with Ranorex Studio or Ranorex Webtestit

Spend less time automating

Ranorex solutions let you focus on the quality of your web application, instead of building and maintaining your test automation framework. Whether you choose Ranorex Studio or Ranorex Webtestit, you’ll get rapid automation plus built-in best practices that help make your tests reliable and maintainable. Both solutions feature deep integration with Selenium WebDriver, so that you can test on multiple Selenium endpoints in parallel or on a Selenium Grid — locally or in the cloud — without the challenges that come with building your own Selenium framework.

Tool comparison

Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Webtestit


Built-in platform support

Web applications
Desktop applications
Mobile applications
Access non-HTML web elements such as Java applets
Access web elements outside the DOM such as PDF files


Selenium Grid for distributed testing
Parallel test execution

Test Automation Tools

Easy setup and configuration
Capture and replay tool
Create tests without programming
IDE included

Full IDE

Optimized for web

Programming language supported
Java, Typescript/Javascript, Python
Selenese, Java, C#, JavaScript,
Ruby, Python, PHP
Test development platforms
Testing library
Ranorex core with built-in
Selenium integration
Selenium, Protractor
Test runner
Ranorex core
TestNG, Protractor
Modular & reusable test structure
Create conditional, parameter-driven or data-driven test cases
Easy test maintenance
Imaged-based comparison
Customizable, built-in reporting

UI Element Identification and Management

Robust object identification
Shareable object repository
UI Object map editor



UI objects must be managed on code level
Support for dynamic IDs
Support for Xpath expressions
Automatic UI object synchronization
"Click & Go" Xpath editor
Customizable rule set supporting several web development frameworks


Executable test files for simple integration with CI servers
Integration with Visual Studio
Automatic creation of JUnit compatible reports

Professional Support Services

Ramp-up support and training on the project implementation
Individual and personal assistance


License Type

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Learn more about Ranorex Studio

To learn more about our all-in-one solution for desktop, web, and mobile app testing, visit the Why Ranorex page. Or, if you’re ready to experience Ranorex Studio in your own environment risk-free, download the full version of Ranorex Studio to try free for 30 days.

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Learn more about Ranorex Webtestit

Interested in a lightweight IDE optimized for web application testing? Visit the Webtestit page to learn more.