Maybe you've asked yourself when evaluating Ranorex: What's the difference between Ranorex and Microsoft Visual Studio Coded UI Test Automation? At first glance, both tools are facing the same challenges when automating an application, but it is very relevant to know further aspects when comparing both tools.

Test Automation Tool Comparison

Learning Curve
Easy-to-use test environment (also for non-programmers)
Technology Support
Desktop, web and mobile applications support
Wide range of well-supported desktop, web and mobile technologies incl. legacy applications
Doesn't support well except with .NET technology
Object Recognition
Robust object identification on all platforms
This only works well in a .NET environment
Use of Xpath expressions
Not provided by default, only possible to connect a special library
Support for dynamic ids
Broad Acceptance
Easy-to-use for non-programmers
Coded UI tests are developed within Visual Studio
Recording of test scripts
Possible, but inconsistent test runs following a recording
Actions table for editing recorded steps
API for coding / Possibility to expand tests
By using the Visual Studio
Integration / Easy to Execute - For Everyone
Easy execution of tests with executable (.EXE) files
Only with usage of frameworks (MSTest, NUnit,...)
Support for CI, TM
Professional Support Services / Company
Fast feedback
Ramp-up support and training on the project implementation
Individual and personal assistance
Pricing models MSDN pricing model Ranorex Premium

    Learning Curve

    • Developing tests with usage of Coded UI is only possible by Visual Studio. For non-programmers, Visual Studio is a very difficult and unwieldy tool.
    • With Ranorex it’s easy to create, launch and view results of tests for developer and non-programmers.

    Technology Support

    • Visual Studio Coded UI is mainly designed for testing .NET desktop applications, but does not properly support any other kind of technology.
    • Ranorex Studio is one solution for all of your desktop, web and mobile technologies. This includes even your legacy applications, through to any web technology platform and to both iOS and Android platforms. Ranorex strives to be technology proof and to focus on your test automation needs for any future updates to technology. The technology coverage includes everything Coded UI test automation tool is covering. Furthermore .NET libraries can be used in Ranorex the same way as in Coded UI. Learn more about the Supported Technologies.

    Object Recognition

    • Coded UI works well in a .NET environment, but does not offer the same flexibility to work with objects as robust as Ranorex. This is the case especially for those object IDs that are dynamic. Moreoever Coded UI doesn't recognize objects Ranorex can (e.g. legacy items). 
    • Ranorex gives you the flexibility to identify objects on all platforms the way you wish by leveraging an XPath technology (RanoreXPath). In this manner, Ranorex can work very well with dynamic elements, as well as legacy items. Learn more about the Object Repository.

    Broad Acceptance

    • Testers need to have a development background in order to be able to work with Visual Studio Coded UI. You will not be able to use record & playback alone to have a reliable execution run.
    • With the Ranorex Actions-Table, domain testers without programming skills are able to break into automation much easier as their steps can be altered easily within Ranorex. The ROI is significantly lower as generated test cases are production-ready much faster in Ranorex. The steps used are a reflection of a manual test case and the test suite mirrors that of a manually built test suite.
      Ranorex also offers the ability for developers to add code functions in by making use of the Ranorex API library and .NET library.

    Integration / Easy to Execute - For Everyone

    • Coded UI can work with TFS and MTM. If there is any deviation to the CI or TM environment, the integration is very difficult to maintain, if it is able to connect.
    • Ranorex is unique in that the test suite can be packaged as a library or as an executable. What this solution offers to customers is the ability to work with any continuous integration, build or test management system. Any change to the CI or TM environment is no problem for Ranorex as the executable is passed into the third-party solution as a parameter. You are also able to integrate your Ranorex tests in an already existing Team Foundation Server infrastructure in order to execute Ranorex UI automation using Coded UI / Microsoft Test Manager. Learn more about Integrating Ranorex into Any Continous Integration Process or see Ranorex Integration Overview.

    Professional Support Services / Company

    • Coded UI’s support is a challenge on where to begin to get assistance. Our feedback from customers is that this is a lengthy endeavor, to receive feedback if it’s received at all. 
      Coded UI requests are not addressed in a timely manner. You can’t guarantee the person you are interacting with the next time. With Ranorex, your issue will be properly communicated so if the same engineer is not working with you, the knowledge transfer on the issue has been completed.
    • Ranorex offers tremendous support included with the purchase of the license. In most cases, when calling, you will reach a live test automation support engineer. If they can’t resolve the issue by dialogue on the phone, they will engage in a remote session to continue to have the customer operational ASAP. Ranorex also has active forums and email as other options for the customers.
      Ranorex is sized well to support all types of customers and offers enterprise packages for those that would like this, as well as working with smaller to mid-sized organizations. The company has incorporated many enhancement ideas and requests from customers in subsequent releases. For best results, Ranorex software is being improved constantly. Learn more about the company's Test Automation Support.

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