Release Notes | Ranorex - Automated Software Testing Tool
Ranorex Studio 9.1.1 Release (July 10, 2019)
General changes/features
  • You can now change the recognition level in Ranorex Spy and the repository by scrolling the mouse wheel when tracking mode is active
  • Fixed newly created image-based user code methods to compile/replay even if not referenced in the action table (by using local variables for the image information)
  • Fixed an unhandled exception for TestRail-integrated projects after upgrade to Ranorex Studio 9.1
  • Fixed a bug where skipped test cases were automatically closed in Jira
  • Fixed a bug where the same Jira ticket could correspond to multiple test cases
  • Fixed a bug where the link to a Jira ticket in the report would be broken if the stored Jira URL did not end in a slash
  • Fixed a bug where the Jira ticket auto-creation would fail if the Jira server URL contained a relative path
  • Fixed a bug where the Jira integration wouldn’t work correctly for users with a non-English Jira server language
  • Fixed a bug where multiple test suites could have the same ID, which resulted in ambiguous test case references
  • Fixed a bug where certain raw text blocks would be detected with a width and height of 0 (zero) and thus omitted
  • Fixed index operator not working correctly in JS-accelerated RanoreXPath search if the parent of the target node is a shadow root and the child is inside the shadow tree
  • Fixed an issue where the progress dialog would cause image-based validations to fail
  • Fixed an issue where Ranorex Recorder wouldn’t record the correct UI element when using the mouse wheel to change recognition level
  • The WaitFor attribute action in the Ranorex Recorder now also refreshes the element when waiting for an attribute value to stabilize
  • Fixed a possible unhandled exception when opening the user code library dialog from a user code action combobox
  • Mouse wheel actions are no longer recorded when hotkeys are active
  • Fixed a bug where copying a user code function between recordings would cause its return type to be lost
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a report would not remove all associated report files if the report contained a link to an absolute URL
  • Fixed an issue where containers would appear empty in the report
  • Fixed a bug where running a recording would produce a report with empty timestamps
  • Fixed an issue where renaming repository items and screenshots accessed through member variables would throw an error
  • Fixed a race condition that resulted in an unhandled exception for the TaskView pad
  • Fixed an exception in the debugger Callstack pad if debugging 3rd party DLLs
  • Clean/rebuild solution now properly removes the integration files from the output folder
  • Fixed a bug where MSBuild 15 wouldn’t be found if Visual Studio 2019 wasn’t installed
  • Fixed unhandled exceptions caused by non-absolute URIs in nuget package or web service descriptions
  • Fixed code generation for VB user code files containing user code methods
  • Fixed an issue where image validation actions with an image search timeout would not produce the correct corresponding report message
  • Added error handling for restarting Ranorex Studio as administrator if the user blocks the restart from the system dialog
  • Fixed a bug where the progress dialog was not counting the total progress correctly when using “Run selected TC/SF” and “Run to here (excluding selection)”
  • Fixed the “Run configuration” drop down menu being disabled in the Test Suite Runner if no test container is checked
  • Fixed an exception in the Test Suite Runner when running a test suite while there are multiple test executables with the same name as the test suite in the directory tree (e.g. in Debug and Release folders)
Ranorex Studio 9.1.0 Release (May 28, 2019)
Headline features
  • Jira integration: Connect your solution to Jira and create issues for test cases manually or automatically
  • You can now easily bind the return value of user code modules to a variable
  • All new test progress dialog with better looks and more info
  • Whitelist (both in plugin settings and in the whitelist pad) and blacklist are now case insensitive and allow regex statements
General changes/features
  • Redesigned technology limitation messages to be easier to notice and understand
  • Improved recording and replaying stability of the Key sequence action
  • RanoreXPath generation now uses the StartsWith operator instead of regex, making long paths easier to read
  • Improved RanoreXPath generation for similar top-level elements, e.g. if multiple AUT instances are running at the same time
  • The error message for when an element couldn’t be found now shows what exact part of the RanoreXPath failed for easier troubleshooting
  • Improved project upgrading for new Ranorex Studio versions by minimizing file changes and allowing you to ignore version conflicts
  • ReportEnvironment now has the properties ReportVideoFolderName and *Path that allow you to get the folder where the videos for video reporting are stored
  • You can now get the JSON configuration of a WebDriver endpoint at runtime through code
  • The remote pad now has a search bar that allows you to search for Agents based on their attributes, e.g. tags, name, hostname, etc.
  • Standalone tools now also use the theme set under Tools > Options… in Ranorex Studio
  • The Run application action now provides a flag to run the specified application without elevation (i.e. without admin privileges)
  • The Run application action now returns the process ID of the started application for use in the Close application action
  • The setting “Show invisible characters in report” is no longer test-suite specific, but now applies to the entire solution
  • The “Use cache” property for manually created repository app folders is now set to False by default
  • Ranorex Magic Merger now also handles auto-generated code files if under git source control. However, you must still rebuild the solution if such files were affected
  • Upgraded Ranorex Automation Helpers to v1.5.3, including Ranorex.ReportToPdf 1.0.16
  • The editor for simple data tables now allows copy & paste of multiple cells from an Excel table
  • The same constant value is now allowed multiple times within a data binding
  • Added support for Java 12
  • Updated the Apktool for Android instrumentation to the newest 2.4.0 master build
  • Changed IME mode such that when the IME is used during a recording, all key presses are deleted at the end of the recording. Only text entered via the IME will be recorded
  • Fixed mouse movement issues caused by Windows 10 1809
  • Fixed an unhandled exception caused by unauthorized access when listing reports in the projects view
  • Fixed a bug in in the iOS plugin where framework info.plist files without a CfBundleExe key caused a crash during instrumentation
  • Fixed the “safeclass” attribute not being fetched correctly for most web elements
  • Improved visibility attribute calculation for web elements nested inside of “display: none” blocks
  • Fixed a bug that crashed Spy when detecting dynamic IDs on JS generated iframes
  • Fixed a bug in the Firefox extension which caused iframe content not to be recognized if it was set by contentDocument.location.href
  • Fixed some numeric property values not being available in IE/Edge for certain HTML tags (meter/progress/input/option/img)
  • Added missing HTML5 tags to the WebPlugin capability: template, picture, track, main, dialog, data
  • Fixed a memory leak in the WpfProxy causing memory not to be released in the AUT
  • Running a test on an Agent now always produces a report, even if no license could be acquired. This makes troubleshooting licensing issues easier
  • Fixed a bug where recording variables were sometimes incorrectly displayed as “not in use” when they were in fact in use in the repository
  • Image-based recording is no longer turned off when entering/exiting validation mode
  • When aborting a test by closing the console window, the report is now created properly
  • Fixed a bug where screenshots were taken for non-failing activities if the activity was ended programmatically from user code
  • Fixed a bug where activating video reporting would cause a console window to be created even if the project was built as a non-console application
  • Fixed a bug which prevented video reporting from working if test cases contained illegal file/path characters
  • Fixed toolbar button images in Ranorex Studio being cut off on some operating systems with 120 DPI
  • Fixed a bug where the most recent changes of a recording action were not applied when instantly running the selected action after the change
  • Fixed a bug where the path to MsBuild 15 was calculated incorrectly after installing Visual Studio 2019
  • Fixed occasional unhandled exception when clicking the Delete button in the Recorder control center
  • Building a solution in Ranorex Studio now only copies the runtime to the output directory again if it’s outdated
  • Fixed very long solution load times for large source files under source control
  • Fixed a bug that caused duplicate lines to be inserted in .csproj/.vbproj file
  • Fixed an unhandled exception in the debugger that occurred if certain member methods couldn’t be resolved while running a test
  • Fixed an unhandled exception when converting between C# and VBNet for projects with long names
  • Solution items that were open when you closed a solution are now reopened when you open the solution again
  • Fixed a bug where inactive run configurations were not saved correctly after adding test containers
  • Fixed an unhandled exception when using “Inspect in Spy” in maintenance mode
Breaking changes
  • The minimum .NET Framework version to install and set as compilation target framework was changed to .NET 4.6.2. The Framework is automatically installed if not already present and the target framework for projects is automatically upgraded when opened in Ranorex Studio.
  • Ranorex Studio 9.1.0 requires Ranorex Agent 6.0.0 or newer.
  • We removed the functionality to directly add a whole process to the GDI capture list using the context menu from the Spy element tree, as this could lead to unnecessary and possibly unstable usage of GDI elements. In general, simply add specific classnames to the GDI capture list. If you still need to add a whole process to the GDI capture list for backwards compatibility, please use the GDI capture settings.
  • The setting “Show Invisible Characters” now applies to the entire solution instead of just the test suite. If you had this setting disabled on a previous Ranorex version, please disable it again in the settings. Additionally, change all references to ReportSettings.ShowInvisibleChars to Ranorex.Configuration.Current.Report.ShowInvisibleCharacters
  • The ProgressForm.Instance and InstanceHandle properties are no longer available. If you want to show/hide the form or set its opacity from code, use the corresponding static methods Show, Hide, or SetOpacity.
  • The option to instrument Flash/Flex in Chrome was removed from the instrumentation wizard due to Chrome limitations. Use the manual pre-instrumentation option to automate Flash/Flex in Chrome.
Known issues
  • The improved ElementNotFoundException error message does not return the exact location of the failed step if the path search was delegated to JS for web element searches with JS acceleration enabled
Ranorex Studio 9.0.1 Release (April 3, 2019)
General changes/features
  • Added support for additional Delphi controls: filter icons, tab headers, DBGrid (for Delphi versions <= 10.1)
  • Fixed IME handling adding an unnecessary Key sequence action (Return up)
  • Fixed a bug where user mouse input was not disabled when using MoveTo() with absolute screen coordinates
  • Fixed a decoding issue for XML hex entities
  • Readded missing IsEmpty extension method for IEnumerable that caused compilation errors on upgrade to Ranorex Studio 9.0.0
  • Fixed API documentation for the DataRangeSet.Parse method to use the correct separator character “,”
  • Fixed a bug where dynamic ID detection caused performance issues on remote endpoints
  • Fixed iOS automation beta warning being displayed despite not using a beta version
  • Fixed a possible NullReferenceException in Qt Plugin
  • Fixed a bug where spurious warnings were logged for WebDocument repository folders with enabled caching
  • The ChildIndex returned by elements found by JS-based searches now return the correct value instead of -1 (for result elements)
  • Fixed a bug when using JS-based search where well defined but not set attributes on web elements would not evaluate to empty strings
  • Fixed an unintended breaking change where well known CSS property names would no longer work when used in JS-based searches as RanorexXPath attribute names
  • Fixed a bug which caused empty-value NotEqual comparisons to not work correctly with enabled JS-based path search
  • Improved “@visible” attribute calculation to include the current web document viewport when using JS-based search
  • Fixed an unintended breaking change when using JS-based search where “@tagvalue” no longer worked for matching “value” attributes/properties
  • Fixed a bug where Chrome and Firefox DOMs could be duplicated when a popup watcher was watching on a DOM path
  • Fixed a bug where open Electron apps would cause duplicate DOM objects to be created for Chrome
  • Fixed a bug where old registrations for the Ranorex Studio IE add-on could remain after uninstalling/upgrading Ranorex Studio and cause new addon installations to not work correctly
  • Fixed an unhandled exception in WPF AUTs when switching the AutomationMode
  • Fixed a bug where activated assembly shadow copying could break automation in WPF AUTs
  • Executing tests on Ranorex Agents via command line from root directory now works as expected
  • Fixed the appearance of the validation dialog
  • Fixed a bug where renaming a variable would remove its bindings from return values in user code actions
  • Fixed a possible unhandled ArgumentException when opening a solution with unresolvable report files
  • Fixed missing references when merging repositories on importing a module
  • Common WPF plugin settings are now visible for “WPF classic” and “WPF improved”
  • Fixed imported settings getting lost after application restart
  • Fixed the Properties pad not being shown when enabling “Always on top” in Ranorex Spy
  • Fixed always on top behavior when starting Ranorex Spy with “Always on top” enabled
  • Fixed screenshot information in Ranorex Spy for elements that are minimized and not visible on screen
  • Closing Ranorex Spy in tracking mode will no longer cause Ranorex Studio to be stuck
  • Fixed possible deadlocks when a test run finishes or when closing Ranorex Studio
  • Fixed a few wrong icons in the Studio toolbar for specific states (e.g. while debugging)
  • Fixed default repository app folder caching so it is now disabled for web test solutions created with the solution wizard
  • Fixed project building issue after cleaning a solution
  • Fixed video reporting not working for odd-valued screen resolutions
  • Fixed Ranorex Studio crashing when loading solutions with specific DLL references that caused a stack overflow in the code parser
  • Fixed a NullReference exception when adding a project to an empty solution
  • Fixed a bug where Ranorex Studio called vswhere.exe in the console window for every project in a solution
  • Fixed a bug in the action table where using the mouse wheel scrolled values instead of the table
  • Fixed missing project reference when setting the focus in the project browser to solution node
  • “Open recent report” context menu now properly opens the corresponding report
  • Fixed an unhandled exception in the whitelisting dialog if the name of a process cannot be determined
  • Fixed occasional Studio crashes when reloading the solution after external changes to the project file
  • Fixed missing popup for Available Actions (suggestions) on code errors
  • Fixed ILSpy theming issues
  • Fixed a rare case of null reference exception being thrown while closing the test case property dialog
  • Fixed a bug where module group variable bindings were lost upon renaming variables
Ranorex Studio 9.0.0 Release (February 13, 2019)
Headline features
  • Full light and dark themes: Switch between light and dark theme to customize your Ranorex Studio experience
  • Performance tracing: See in detail how long test operations like repository item searches or mouse/keyboard interactions take and use that information to improve your test
  • Video reporting: Use video reporting to record videos of either all or just failed test cases
  • Agent tagging: Categorize your Agents with tags and then use the command line to execute tests on an Agent with that tag
  • JxBrowser support: You can now automate JxBrowser controls in your application with Ranorex Studio
  • Dynamic ID recognition for web elements: automatically avoid dynamic IDs in RanoreXPath based on known value and usage patterns
  • We’ve reduced web test execution time significantly
  • Shadow DOM support: Ranorex Studio now fully supports shadow DOMs (for Chrome and Firefox browsers)
  • 32-/64-bit Ranorex Studio: Both Ranorex Studio and all its tools are now available as 32- and 64-bit versions
General changes/features
  • Added object recognition for WPF controls in dynamically loaded AppDomains
  • Triggering a test run on a Ranorex Agent will now redeploy the test only if it changed from last run
  • The default installation folder for Ranorex Studio does not have a version number in it anymore
  • For test suites created with Ranorex Studio 9.0, reports are now placed in the output directory under /Reports/ by default
  • Ranorex Studio now supports target frameworks up to .NET 4.7.2
  • Ranorex Studio now supports compiling C# 7.0 and building using MsBuild 15
  • The new project wizard helps you quickly create test suite projects in a similar way to the solution wizard
  • Revamped Blank project (formerly New project) and New file dialogs
  • More reliable mouse-click and mouse-movement behavior on virtual machines
  • Automatic addition/update of Ranorex assemblies can now be turned on/off
  • In the Test Suite Runner, you can now refresh data sources and preview the effective dataset
  • In the Test Suite Runner, you can now manually select the correct test executable for the opened test suite
  • Ranorex Studio now places links to the actual report files instead of copies in the Reports folder of the project
  • Running tests now only requires one license per active user session instead of per process
  • Fixed issue where Key sequence actions didn’t enter characters correctly with Swiss keyboard layout
  • Removed the misleading ReportLevel.None
  • Fixed a bug where Ranorex Studio would display the Automation Helpers project even if the download or installation failed
  • Flash/Flex dynamic attributes now also include public class variables in addition to “get” accessors and object properties
  • Fixed a bug where Ranorex Studio would ignore text after a newline in a RawText element
  • Renamed constants in RxAutomationLib to avoid compiler duplication
  • Fixed a bug with QtQuick object recognition that could result in rare AUT crashes
  • Chrome: Fixed duplication of DOM elements when opening a widget window
  • Edge: Fixed visibility for DOM elements when page has no title and page was opened from a file:// URL
  • Ranorex Agent doesn’t store upload packages in the %temp% directory anymore
  • Improved Ranorex Agent CLI support
  • Ranorex.Libs.Licensing.dll isn’t removed when upgrading to a higher minor version of Ranorex Studio
  • Test cases with an empty data source are now reported as blocked rather than successful
  • Fixed a bug in Ranorex Spy where (additional) indexes at the end of a RanoreXPath would be removed when highlighting, refreshing, or changing attributes of the element
  • Fixed an exception that occurred when dragging and dropping from an external repository into the actions table under certain circumstances
  • Command line arguments are now properly passed for every run button in Ranorex Studio
  • XML documentation is now enabled by default for new projects
  • Items added via the toolbar are now properly added to the selected project
  • Resolved various compiler warnings for VB projects
  • Fixed a bug for VB projects where the module browser would incorrectly show a duplicated hierarchyTo turn off root name space generation, set the “vbcodegenconfig.generate.root.namespace” parameter in the Solution.Settings file of your solution to “False”
  • During debugging, the watch list now properly shows variables with fully qualified names
  • Fixed a bug where an invalid VS2010 solution file was generated
  • The dialogs for creating a new solution now handle relative paths properly
  • Umlaut characters are no longer allowed in file names
  • Fixed unhandled exception in case of corrupted test suite sequence file (*.rxsqc)
  • Fixed a bug where formatted empty cells in an Excel data connector weren’t recognized as empty
Breaking changes
  • Renamed Report.CurrentReportLevel to MinimumReportLevel- use the new property to set the minimum report level
  • Removed misleading ReportLevel.None- use ReportLevel.Always instead to always show messages- explicitly disable the report instead of setting the report level to None
  • Screenshots for reports are now always stored in a subdirectory
  • Test cases with an empty data source are now reported as blocked rather than successful
  • Dropped integrated source control support for SVN with TortoiseSVN 1.6 installed (1.7 or 1.8 required)
  • Removed the following APIs that were already marked as deprecated/obsolete in previous versions:- BeginTestCase, EndTestCase, BeginTestCaseSetup, EndTestCaseSetup, BeginTestCaseTeardown, EndTestCaseTeardown- ITestContainerActivity/TestContainerActivity.IterationCount and TestCaseName – ITestIterationActivity/TestContainerActivity/TestEntryContainerActivity/TestModuleActivity.DataRow – Validate.CreateScreenshot enum and Validate.ResultOption.CreateScreenshot property – WpfFlavor.Instance, ExpensiveAttributesEnabled, ForceVirtualItemRealization, UseItemContainerPattern, EnableNativeUiaSupport, UseWinAppDebugMode
  • The following APIs were marked as deprecated/obsolete:- TestSuiteEntry.Owner, use the Root property instead
  • When using the JS-accelerated RanoreXPath search feature, the “@visible” attribute only considers CSS visibility, not viewport visibility
  • When using the JS-accelerated RanoreXPath search feature, CSS property names are not supported in RanoreXPath “@attribute” comparisons
Known issues
  • Refactoring and code-completion are not fully supported for all C# 7.0 features
Ranorex Studio 8.3.3 Release (February 27, 2019)
General changes/Features
  • Added object recognition for WPF controls in dynamically loaded AppDomains
  • Fixed IME handling adding an unnecessary Key sequence action (Return up)
  • Fixed TestRail integration overwriting manual changes in required fields on synchronization
  • Flash/Flex dynamic attributes now also include public class variables in addition to “get” accessors and object properties
  • Fixed a bug where Ranorex Studio would ignore text after a newline in a RawText element
  • Fixed a bug with QtQuick object recognition that could result in rare AUT crashes
  • Fixed a possible Qt AUT crash caused by Ranorex Studio changing the default native DLL search path
  • Chrome: Fixed duplication of DOM elements when opening a widget window
  • Fixed a bug where open Electron apps would cause duplicate DOM objects to be created for Chrome
  • Fixed an unhandled exception in WPF AUTs when switching the AutomationMode
  • Ranorex.Libs.Licensing.dll isn’t removed when upgrading to a higher minor version of Ranorex Studio
  • Fixed a bug where renaming a variable would remove its bindings from return values in user code actions
  • Fixed a bug where renaming a variable would remove its bindings from module groups
  • Fixed an edge case in VB projects where repository element references in record items were not found
  • Fixed an issue where running a test as an administrator would prevent the AUT from finding native DLLs
  • Fixed an unhandled exception in the code editor caused by malformed email addresses
  • Command line arguments are now properly passed for every run button in Ranorex Studio
  • Fixed a bug where solutions settings wouldn’t be saved if certain parameters were missing
  • Items added via the toolbar are now properly added to the selected project
  • Fixed possible deadlocks when a test run finishes or when closing Ranorex Studio
  • Fixed default repository app folder caching so it is now disabled for web test solutions created with the solution wizard
  • Fixed Ranorex Studio crashing when loading solutions with specific DLL references that caused a stack overflow in the code parser
  • Resolved various compiler warnings for VB projects
  • During debugging, the watch list now properly shows variables with fully qualified names
  • The dialogs for creating a new solution now handle relative paths properly
  • Fixed a bug where formatted empty cells in an Excel data connector weren’t recognized as empty
Ranorex Studio 8.3.2 Release (December 19, 2018)
  • Fixed issue where KeySequence actions involving special characters produced by dead keys would not replay correctly
  • Fixed exception when running Ranorex tests via a Coded UI test project
  • Provided a switch to disable the Delphi plugin (in case it causes problems with AUTs in non-supported Delphi versions)
  • Fixed issue with RawText/GDI plugin that may cause the AUT to crash
  • Fixed issue with JavaFX where an exception was thrown in the AUT when Ranorex interacted with it
  • Fixed Android instrumentation issue for AUTs containing Kotlin resources
  • Fixed Chrome instrumentation not working for version 70+ when using extension whitelisting/blacklisting
  • Fixed an issue where the report would be opened multiple times after a test run if the default program for opening reports was set to something other than the Ranorex default, e.g. Firefox
  • Fixed the instant-tracking shortcut Ctrl+Win to only track once even if held
  • Fixed an issue where running a test as an administrator would prevent the AUT from finding native DLLs
  • Fixed unhandled exception when clicking the down arrow on the “View test suite” button in the toolbar with the “Project upgrade” view open
Ranorex Studio 8.3.1 Release (November 21, 2018)
  • “Continue with sibling” error behavior now works correctly for module groups
  • Fixed handling of global parameters when passing them as command line argument with an empty value
  • Fixed issue where an overload of Host.OpenBrowser ignored values for “clearCache”, “incognitoMode” and “clearCookies”
  • Fixed possible crash if environment variables (e.g. %appdata%) were used as default project path in Ranorex Studio
  • Test suite files cannot be added to library projects anymore
  • Fixed an issue where renaming a copied validation screenshot in the repository would cause the corresponding action to use the renamed copy automatically
  • Fixed ‘Zero width space’ (Unicode U+200B) not shown when ‘Show invisible character in values’ is enabled
  • Fixed resize and scroll behavior of test case description editor
  • Fixed issue where the /pa argument was ignored when /param was also used
  • Fixed possible exception when using a report template from a different project
  • Fixed issue where variables are automatically changed to lower case
  • Fixed issue where an added index would be removed from an element’s path after certain actions in the path editor
  • Fixed issue where custom plugins could not be loaded if solution name contains “Plugin”
  • Fixed issue where Ranorex License Manager 8.3 would not start with Ranorex 7.2 installed
  • Fixed possible NullReferenceException in Recorder
  • Fixed wrong button states when using image-based validation via hotkey in Recorder
  • Made recording tool window moveable
  • Fixed issue where record item order could change after a copy/paste action
  • Fixed tracking of nested page controls in Delphi plugin
  • Fixed possible blocking of automation in Delphi plugin
  • Fixed issue in RawText/GDI plugin where some element rectangles would have wrong values after adding the application to the capture list
  • Fixed highlighting of tabs in RawText/GDI plugin
  • Fixed issue in GDI/RawText plugin where elements were not shown at the correct location
  • Fixed issue in GDI/RawText plugin where automation could not connect to application (“Could not connect to remoting service Rx8_Managed”)
  • Fixed possible exception in Win32 plugin when interacting with lists
  • Fixed Open Browser action incorrectly reporting browser argument as $’0′ instead of reporting the name of the variable
  • Fixed issue where tracking of iframes could cause automation to fail in Chrome
  • Fixed issue where Chrome did not load 3rd party extensions when using Open browser action
  • Fixed issue in Edge where EnsureVisible would not work for top-level forms
  • Fixed Edge automation for Windows 10 Build 1607
  • Fixed empty DOM in Firefox after using browser history navigation
  • Fixed Web-ID path weight rules do not work after restarting Ranorex Studio
  • Fixed issue where reports cannot be opened in remote pad when name contains multi-byte characters
  • Fixed issue where job continues on agent after shell was closed
  • Fixed usage of /rf command caused job to fail on agent
Ranorex Studio 8.3.0 Release (October 3, 2018)
Headline features
  • Installation-free test execution: The C++ redistributables no longer need to be installed on fresh machines used for test execution via XCOPY deployment or a Ranorex Agent
  • Installation-free web testing: The Open browser action now automatically instruments the specified browser, so you no longer need to manually instrument when deploying tests via XCOPY or a Ranorex Agent on a fresh machine
  • Onboarding: The new Solution Wizard makes it easy to create a solution tailored to your purposes and the new tutorial panel helps you get started with your first steps in test automation
  • Revamped Recorder control center: The control center has been upgraded to show a history of recorded actions and allow deleting and adding actions directly while recording
  • Added support for Microsoft Edge
General changes/Features
  • Added support for foreign character input methods via Windows IME
  • Added support for iOS 12
  • Updated the apktool used for instrumenting Android apps to v2.3.4
  • Excel-free test execution: Install the free Microsoft Access Database Engine >=2013 Redistributable in your runtime environment to execute data-driven tests that use an Excel connector
  • Easily deploy tests to a Ranorex agent by using the /agent: command line argument on test executables
  • The Ranorex Agent now only consumes a license when it’s actually running a test
  • You can now deploy floating license information to an Agent by including it in the output folder through the General settings
  • Updated the Ranorex Automation Helpers to version 1.5.0
  • Fixed “BadImageFormatException” being logged to the report for some Delphi applications
  • Fixed possible freezing issues when tracking into Delphi TDBGrid
  • Fixed object recognition for Delphi PageControl children with invisible tabs
  • Fixed object recognition for Delphi RibbonFramework controls
  • Fixed object recognition for RawText/GDI elements in some grid controls
  • Added possibility to instrument Android AAPT2 packages using the “-aapt2” instrumentation flag
  • Fixed automated clicks being interpreted as swipe actions on some Android devices
  • Fixed calling methods on Android controls having parameters of type “long”
  • Fixed Android ResourceIds missing after a language change
  • Correct error message is now displayed when trying to instrument an iOS app with an expired mobileprovision
  • Fixed missing texts for custom properties in Qt
  • Fixed element rectangles and missing UI elements for Qt tables
  • Fixed missing “Name” attribute values for Qt menu bars
  • Fixed object recognition for Win32 elements (like ATL grid) in Qt application
  • Fixed “Checked” attribute for SAP radio buttons and check boxes incorrectly returning integer instead of boolean values
  • Fixed “readonly” attribute in Chrome and Firefox not returning correct values
  • Fixed parsing of values with quote characters (e.g. “””) for DOM attributes like “placeholder”
  • Fixed execution issue on Ranorex Agent if the test suite had a different name than the test executable
  • The separator action can now be disabled/enabled
  • Fixed report not being displayed correctly in TeamCity
  • Fixed report not showing actions if the description of the parent test case/smart folder description contained lists
  • Fixed successful retries not being reflected correctly in the report
  • Fixed custom report templates not working when used in a different project
  • Fixed unhandled exception when trying to open the integrated Spy more than once
  • Fixed repository item screenshot images disappearing when switching between repositories linked to a recording
  • Fixed resizing behavior of test case description editor when it contains a large amount of text
  • Fixed edge cases where the repository cleanup function would remove items which are actually used in code
  • Fixed handling of multiple test sequence files (*.rxsqc) within the same folder
  • Fixed cases where the full path to the test suite file was always required for command line execution
  • Fixed test suite execution from within Studio if a project name contains spaces
Breaking changes
  • Windows Vista no longer supported
  • RawText elements are no longer merged because merging caused essential elements to be removed. The behavior is now the same as for Ranorex versions <7.0 -> you may need to adapt RanoreXPaths, validations, and all other actions accessing such RawText elements
  • The Ranorex Office plugin no longer contains Microsoft Office Interop Assemblies to interface directly with MS Office types, like the types returned from ExcelApplication.GetExcelApplicationObject() -> if you directly use Office Interop types, please download the official Microsoft Office Interop Assemblies(Microsoft Office 2007 or higher) and reference them in your project to resolve the Interop types
  • The “Checked” attribute for SAP radio buttons and check boxes now correctly returns boolean instead of integer values -> you may need to adapt RanoreXPaths, validations, and SetAttribute actions that access such attributes
Known issues
  • IME support is currently not working for: Windows Store apps, WPF applications, Edge, IE, Firefox
Ranorex Studio 8.2.1 Release (August 8, 2018)
General changes/Features
  • Improved object recognition for TdxDock controls
  • Added hotkey support for QT tooltips
  • Added support for Firefox plugin on Windows Server 2016
  • Fixed compressing of solutions that use Ranorex Automation Helpers
  • Fixed resetting of customized Ranorex assembly references, e.g. if ‘Local copy = false’
  • Make command line parameters for test execution backwards compatible
  • Fixed performance issues when working with very large test suites
  • Fixed possible deletion of test case description
  • Fixed test case description not being saved when pasting text from clipboard
  • Fixed build error when an absolute intermediate output path is set
  • Fixed missing ‘copy to output’ step for data connectors, sequence file and settings file when running a test
  • Fixed incorrect state of TestReport.CurrentTestSuiteActivity
  • Fixed possible unhandled exception in custom scrollviewer of remote panel when height is less than 34
  • Fixed possible unhandled exception in white list editor when getting application icon
  • Fixed possible unhandled exception when merging ‘key shortcut’ actions
  • Fixed possible System.ObjectDisposedException in Ranorex path editor
  • Fixed unhandled exception when packages.config is not readable on loading a project
  • Fixed object recognition for WPF ScrollViewer
  • Fixed tracking issue in CefSharp apps hosted by a Winforms app
  • Fixed BadImageFormatException in LineageGlueRule of ‘delphi_root_element’
  • Fixed object recognition of <option> tag in a <select> tag in Chrome
  • Fixed object recognition issue when tracking GDI elements
  • Fixed object recognition for SAP radio buttons inside a cell
  • Fixed WPF injection issues
Ranorex Studio 8.2.0 Release (July 4, 2018)
Headline features
  • Ranorex Magic Merger: Auto-merge XML-based Ranorex files under source control and resolve manual conflicts on the fly
  • Work with multiple test suites per project, keep data bindings intact across them, and run them in sequence from Ranorex Studio or an Agent
  • Native support for Delphi applications: Added native support for Delphi applications using VCL and Delphi >= XE2
  • Process Whitelisting: Whitelist the Windows process(es) required for your test to speed up automation at design and run time and increase the reactivity of Ranorex Studio
General changes/Features
  • Improved solution load time
  • Improved code generation performance
  • Improved performance when solution is under git source control
  • Display usage count for data sources in TestSuite
  • Provide property WebElement.OwnerDocument to get the ancestor DOM element
  • iOS RxBrowser handles multi-request load errors without interrupting the current run
  • Updated NuGet package manager to 4.6.2
  • Updated the apktool used for instrumenting Android apps to v2.3.3
  • UI refreshment for Agent and endpoints pad
  • Spy shows the element search time in the status bar
  • Fixed issue where abort shortcut does not work properly if test case retry count is set
  • Fixed NullReferenceException in TFS integration when Team Viewer is not installed correctly
  • Fixed possible FileNotFoundException when getting attributes for watched files
  • Fixed issue where internal COM exceptions are shown to the user
  • Fixed behavior of ‘Build only modified’ and ‘Build only modified and dependencies’ settings
  • Fixed exception that could occur when the layout of Ranorex Studio was corrupted
  • Fixed issue where endpoint shortcuts are not created when endpoints contain Unicode characters
  • Clean build now deletes generated endpoint shortcuts
  • Clean build now deletes generated source files in obj directory (e.g. __RxPrograms.g.cs)
  • Fixed issue where package manager cannot install packages correctly
  • Fixed automatic package restore option
  • Fixed possible exception when editing WebDriver endpoints
  • Fixed possible exception when project browser is updated
  • Fixed issue where custom report template located outside of solution folder could not be found during execution
  • Fixed issue where JUnit reports were only partially written if invalid characters were logged
  • JUnit report is now xUnit 2.0.X compatible
  • Fixed layout issues when resizing validation dialog
  • WPF plugin now correctly returns value of password field
  • Fixed issue in Firefox plugin where JavaScript navigation is not working inside iFrames
  • Fixed possible IComparer.Compare() inconsistency issue in iOS instrumentation
  • Fixed JavaFX object recognition for Java 9 and 10
  • Fixed TestRail synchronization issue when encountering multiple items with the same ID
  • Duplicate element IDs will now produce build warnings since some features do not work correctly with such repositories
  • Fixed issue where synchronization fails after adding new subsections in TestRail
  • Fixed possible exception in TestRail integration when using ‘Copy to Clipboard’ for command line arguments
  • Fixed possible ArgumentException for dynamic capabilities containing attributes with special Unicode character names
  • Fixed possible NullReferenceException caused by an empty dynamic capability
  • An error message is now logged if runtime license check fails
Breaking changes
  • The Office interop definitions where moved to the Ranorex.Libs assembly. – if needed (compile error) add a reference to Ranorex.Libs
Ranorex Studio 8.1.2 Release (June 6, 2018)
General changes/Features
  • Added support for multi-level frameworks in iOS instrumentation
  • Improved status information of current iteration in execution progress dialog
  • Fixed issue where manipulating the TestRail template prevented the project from exporting correctly
  • Fixed issue in Firefox plugin where dynamically added content in blank iFrames is not shown
  • Fixed issue where no elements are found when opening local files in Firefox
  • Websites having a title starting with ‘-‘ are now correctly shown by Chrome plugin
  • Fixed issue in CEF plugin where GetStyle returns old value after previously setting it
  • JavaFX ‘Selected’ attribute returns correct value
  • Fixed tracking into ViewBox when using ‘WPFImprovedOnly’ mode
  • Fixed a possible crash when creating screenshots, e.g. for image validations
  • Fixed possible ApplicationNotResponding exception not being handled by Ranorex tools
  • Fixed possible NullReferenceException when editing a repository item
Ranorex Studio 8.1.1 Release (April 11, 2018)
  • Fixed a possible unhandled exception when saving options in Ranorex Studio
  • Fixed a possible crash on upgrading solutions with non-conforming GUIDs
  • Fixed performance and minor issues for the TestRail integration
  • Fixed re-added nodes in Chrome being marked as invalid
  • Fixed Firefox blocking on iframes with about:blank
  • Fixed instrumentation of Firefox ESR versions (for Firefox 50 and higher)
  • Fixed possible ObjectDisposedExceptions when performing long-running automation on Java Applets
Ranorex Studio 8.1.0 Release (March 28, 2018)
General changes/Features
  • TestRail integration: Import/export of test cases and automatic upload of Ranorex test results to TestRail for linked test cases
  • Added support for cross-origin iFrames for Chrome and Firefox with enabled browser web security
  • Web testing with Firefox is up to two times faster
  • Re-added Flash/Flex support for Firefox and Chrome/Chromium
  • Added SwitchToFrame and SwitchToParentFrame actions for WebDriverDocumentFlavorElement to ease frame navigation
  • Added web automation support for JEditorPane
  • Remote panel allows selection of test suite and run configuration
  • Improved AutomationProperties support for DataTemplates in WPF
  • Updated the apktool used for instrumenting Android apps to v2.3.1
  • Fixed issue where embedded PDF could cause invalid visible state on elements
  • Option tags in Chrome are tracked and recorded properly again
  • Fixed issue in IE where EnsureVisible does not work properly when using local html files
  • Fixed issue where duplicate DOM elements are shown when having two maximized Firefox windows open
  • Removed error popup when Firefox extension icon is clicked
  • Fixed issue where values of input tags in CEF could not be set
  • Fixed unique id search (using ‘#’ in RanoreXPaths) for CEF elements
  • Fixed Enabled attribute value for button tags in CEF
  • Fixed issue where GetValue returns outdated value in CEF
  • Fixed issue tracking css pseudo elements in CEF
  • Fixed select action on JavaFX tab pages
  • Fixed issue where Java Applet and Silverlight elements are not identified correctly in Firefox
  • Fixed Java plugin not working with JInitiator 1.3
  • Fixed issue where invocation of methods containing upper case characters did not work in WPF
  • Fixed issue where HasFocus attribute always returned false for TextBox elements in WPF
  • Fixed issue where session cannot be started on Selenium box for Firefox and IE
  • Added smali_redist instrumentation flag to resolve issue with method count limitation for Android apps
  • Fixed issue where Android app could not be instrumented when activity has empty static constructor
  • Fixed issue where folder names where converted to lower case when deployed to agent
  • Fixed issue where GDI element is not recognized although the Win32 element was added to the GDI capture list
  • Fixed object recognition issue for Spark objects in Flash/Flex
  • Fixed check for installed C++ redistributables being tied to the exact version delivered with the Ranorex Studio setup
  • Fixed hang of solutions when pulling from git source control
  • Fixed unloading of AppDomains which use the Ranorex API
  • Included the [GeneratedCode] attribute in the __RxMain__RxProgram file in order to not generate FxCop warnings
  • Fixed back key messing up recording actions when keystroke optimization is on
  • Fixed WebDocument.CaptureFullPageScreenshot method to reliably create accurate screenshots
  • Fixed handling of relative paths being passed as working directory in RunApplication actions
  • Fixed IOException that file ‘__RxPrograms.g.cs’ already exists being thrown during build
  • Fixed test case description not being saved when using clipboard to add a description
Breaking changes
  • Prune leading and trailing whitespaces for InnerText attribute of IE web elements to behave the same as in Chrome and Firefox. This may cause RanoreXPaths or validations using InnerText to become invalid for IE web elements. Please update the corresponding paths/validations accordingly, e.g. using the Maintenance Mode
  • Remove Windows 10 start menu “Bing” search bar as a DOM element from object recognition to fix possible Spy hang If you need to interact with the start menu search bar, please use the respective UIA elements instead of the web elements
Known issues
  • TestRail integration does not handle multiple test cases with same UID (created by drag and drop of test cases between different test suites)
  • Possible display issue of TestRail data file in Ranorex Studio project browser
Ranorex Studio 8.0.1 Release (February 7, 2018)
General changes/Features
  • Updated the adb (Android Debug Bridge) tool used for USB connections to Android devices to v1.0.39
  • Fixed NavigateUri not being identified as an Url by the Wpf plugin
  • Fixed Ranorex Studio manifest being installed even when deselected during setup
  • Resizing of “Manage data sources” dialog allowed again
  • Fixed ElementEngine.WaitForValidLicense() method causing a floating license to remain leased after the test has finished
  • Fixed saving over existing report file producing an empty report
  • Fixed reverse display of full-size image and its thumbnail in report of difference images
  • Fixed the “Local copy” property automatically changing to false for Ranorex.pdf reference after project reload
  • Fixed handling of Validate.NotExists in maintenance mode
  • Fixed adapter.functionexecutiontimeout setting not being saved as solution setting
  • Fixed unbound variable warnings in report for unbound variables in module groups
  • Fixed sorting algorithm for Win32.Instance attribute causing possible unstable values
  • Fixed Javascript error in automation for Android web testing
  • Fixed connection issue to Android Endpoint after adb is bridged over TCPIP/WiFi
  • Fixed iOS app crash after application delegate is set to nil
  • Fixed iOS app crash when highlighting iOS text elements
  • Fixed Chrome plugin to show DOM trees if there is no dash used to separate page and page title
  • Fixed folder paths containing ‘x64’ causing automation issues for QT
  • Fixed command line handling of arguments containing spaces when invoked from PowerShell
  • Fixed standalone Recorder for mobile recordings
  • Fixed error when defining absolute output path in Studio project settings
Ranorex Studio 8.0.0 Release (December 13, 2017)
Headline features
  • Maintenance mode: Pauses the test upon an exception and lets you analyze and correct errors such as wrong expected values. Then continue the test in maintenance mode and if it goes through, apply your changes in the report.
  • Simplified test deployment: Ranorex tests can be generated as portable packages, so there is no Ranorex Runtime installation required.
  • Ranorex 8.0 UI refreshment: We have reduced the menu bar to the most essential items and restyled it in a new dark theme.
General changes/Features
  • Improved key sequence handling during recording
  • WebDriver endpoints can now be edited
  • Limit the size of Ranorex log files to 10Mb by default
  • WPF elements expose URI locator property for resources
  • Included support for Android 8.0 when using Appium
  • Fixed Ranorex Studio sometimes freezing at startup if a recent project pointed to a non-existing network location
  • Fixed test suites being corrupted when upgrading from 5.4 to newer versions of Ranorex Studio
  • Fixed issue where references to Ranorex assemblies could not be resolved in Visual Studio 2017
  • Fixed project names with multi-byte characters not displaying correctly on the Ranorex Studio start page
  • Fixed issue where multi-byte whitespace characters not showing when “Show invisible characters in values” is enabled
  • Fixed issue where “Replace expected image” does not work when using zipped reports
  • Fixed issue where rectangles of centered GDI text elements where miscalculated in ANSI applications
  • Fixed issue where agent crashes when exiting while still initializing (Ranorex Remote Agent 3.0.3)
  • Fixed issue where RxBrowser does not fill the whole screen in landscape mode
Known issues
  • DOM/tab Elements are duplicated if two or more Firefox windows are positioned exactly on top of each other
  • Invoking Ranorex tests from powershell with arguments that contain spaces does not work
  • Android web elements stay highlighted when using highlight on hover
  • Web automation using browser extensions still needs a Ranorex installation (to get the browser instrumentation working)
  • Maintenance mode still needs a Ranorex installation
  • Folder path containing ‘x64’ will cause automation issues for QT in case Ranorex is not installed
Breaking changes
  • The .NET Framework 4.5.2 (or higher) is now required for both Ranorex tools and runtime
  • Recording on mobile devices discontinued
  • Manual instrumentation for Android automation discontinued
  • Duplicate capability short names are no longer allowed
  • Changes in the Testing and Reporting API
Ranorex Studio 7.2.1 Release (November 7, 2017)
General changes/Features
  • Updated the apktool used for instrumenting Android apps to v2.3.0
  • Fixed issue where duplicate DOM nodes could show up in Ranorex Spy when automating Firefox
  • Fixed issue where uninstalling Firefox extension through instrumentation wizard does not work
  • Fixed switching of tabs with EnsureVisible in Firefox
  • Fixed issue where WPF instrumentation shows misleading “Idle (pid 0)” warning
  • Fixed issue where duplicate WPF elements are shown in spy tree
  • Fixed issue where FontStyle attribute is not read correctly from RawText element
  • Fixed issue where automation causes SUT to crash if stack commit size was set too large in application PE header
  • Fixed visible state of QTWebEngine DOM element
  • Fixed issue where the Pressed attribute value is not set correctly for android switch elements
  • Fixed issue where some files where not added to SVN while downloading Automation Helpers via NuGet
  • Fixed issue where logging after test suite is completed could result in empty jUnit report
  • Fixed issue where data source mask dropdown was not updated correctly
  • Fixed issue where Report.Failure() not displayed consistently in report when called from a side thread
  • Fixed issue where test suite gets corrupted when upgrading from 5.4 to newer versions of Ranorex Studio
  • Fixed issue where agent does not notify if user interaction is needed. (Ranorex Remote Agent 2.0.14)
  • Fixed issue where remote execution fails if files contain multi-byte characters
Ranorex Studio 7.2.0 Release (September 20, 2017)
Headline features
  • Replace expected image with actual image: Reduce maintenance efforts for image-based validations by replacing the expected image with the actual image directly in the report.
  • ParallelRunner for WebDriver: Run web tests in parallel on Selenium Grid endpoints by defining a set of desired capabilities and distributing them using the new parallel runner.
  • Automation Helpers: Comfortably extend your solution with a collection of small and handy modules and methods to handle daily challenges in test automation.
  • Auto-rerun failed test cases: Reduce instabilities caused by temporary unresponsiveness of the application under test by automatically rerunning failed test cases.
General changes/Features
  • Hidden Characters in reports: New option to display white spaces and normally hidden characters in element validation report entries
  • JUnit – Error Breadcrumb: The JUnit report now holds the breadcrumb to the error in the test suite
  • Error counting in report: The counting of the attributes totalsuccesscount, totalfailedcount, totalblockedcount in the report include test cases and smart folders.
  • WebDriver browser control: “StartBrowser” and “CloseBrowser” are available via “Invoke Action” from endpoints pad. With this you can directly start sessions to explore the DOM and element tree of your page.
  • Browser Plugin: The Firefox plugin for web automation has been reimplemented based on WebExtensions and enables automation in Firefox versions 50 and above. The plugin is available through side-loading by utilizing the Instrumentation Wizard. The previous Firefox plugin is not included in the setup anymore.
  • Neoload: New source code based NuGet packages are available to support NeoLoad
  • Unresponsive WPF applications are reported during test execution
  • Included support for adding Appium servers as WebDriver endpoints for mobile web testing in native browsers (Safari on iOS, Chrome on Android)
  • Fixed attribute “Checked” in CEF plugin not changing
  • Fixed resetting to default WPF tree building mode
  • Fixed JUnit report containing bad/incomplete XML
  • Fixed reporting of TestSuite.Current.CurrentTestContainer.Status and CurrentIterationContainer.Status
  • Fixed Studio copying unused files to the output directory
  • Fixed search functionality in Studio’s NuGet package manager
  • Fixed Studio not showing “Restart as administrator” in certain cases
  • Fixed performance lag while editing code in large solutions with multiple project references
  • Fixed Spy showing wrong screenshot when tracking in CefSharp applications
  • Fixed license issue when using Element.FindFromPoint in a test at runtime
Known issues
  • New browser plugin for Firefox:
    • Does not support automation of Flash or Java contents
    • As with Chrome, instant tracking of items from a “select” element returns no usable result in Spy. Select individual items manually from the parent control instead
    • High-DPI settings will lead to unsuccessful test runs. If your environment runs with a DPI scaling > 100%, open about:config and change the layout.css.devPixelsPerPx preference to 1.0 (default is -1.0).
  • iOS: When using Appium for automating web sites, the currently open browser session is not completely ended when using CloseBrowser action, leading to errors when retrying the automation. Close browser instances started by Appium manually to avoid this behavior.
  • iOS/Android: Only a single concurrent session is supported when automating web sites using Appium
  • Appium: When tracking into DOMs using Ranorex Spy, the rectangle/screenshot retrieval may add an offset causing screenshots to be off, especially when the SUT is not optimized for mobile (Desktop mode).
  • Using the word “plugin” in the solution name may cause an exception when the solution is run. Use a different name instead.
Breaking changes
  • The previous Firefox plugin is not included in the setup anymore
Ranorex Studio 7.1.3 Release (October 11, 2017)
  • Fixed faulty XML appearing in JUnit reports from multiple runs of the same test suite when using a static report name
  • Fixed an issue where an exception would be thrown when opening a dialog a second time during test execution in WpfImprovedOnly mode
  • Fixed an issue where instead of only the .dlls with ‘Local copy’ enabled, all referenced .dlls would be copied to the output folder when building a solution
  • Fixed performance issues when a solution references projects using assembly references
  • Fixed an issue where an exception would be thrown when creating/opening a solution while viewing the details of an endpoint
  • Fixed an issue where test suites with unnamed run configurations couldn’t be loaded after being upgraded by Ranorex Studio 6 or later
Ranorex Studio 7.1.2 Release (September 07, 2017)
General changes/Features
  • Updated the apktool used for instrumenting Android apps to v2.2.4
  • Fixed swipe causing app crashes on iOS11
  • Fixed unstable WinForms test execution caused by memory and performance releated issues
  • Fixed issue where CEF plugin identifies CefSharp applications as electron
  • Fixed issue where CefSharp elements are tracked on the wrong position
Ranorex Studio 7.1.1 Release (August 11, 2017)
  • Fixed issue where application could hang forever when AUT shows modal dialog on CloseWindow action
  • Fixed possible ObjectDisposedException when using “CloseApplication” on WinForms elements
  • Fixed log verbosity in CEF plugin when no NLog.config is present
  • Fixed possible exception in CEF plugin when style attributes are empty
  • Fixed WebDriver plugin not able to launch html files from file system
  • Fixed WebDriver plugin omitting leading/trailing whitespaces for strings
  • Fixed changing ID for endpoints when solution is opened
  • Fixed issue where changing an endpoint in record item does not update generated code
  • Added preliminary support for iOS 11
  • Fixed issue where some QT applications cannot be tracked properly
  • Fixed issue where intermediate D3D Window element prevents web automation
  • Fixed QT technology limitation shown after Windows Update
  • Fixed exception when trying to save readonly project
  • Fixed issue where snapshot creation fails on some machines
  • Fixed issue in installer when installing Ranorex side-by-side with Beta versions
  • Fixed Ranorex Studio crash when copying a test case with a name longer than 100 characters
  • Fixed issue where relative paths could be handled incorrectly when upgrading a solution
  • Fixed issue where specific recording modules could not be loaded
  • Fixed issue where report shows wrong warning count
  • Fixed JUnit report not being created when test suite is executed as Coded UI Test
  • Fixed Ranorex Report not being finished after execution with Coded UI Test
  • Fixed an issue that resetting Solution Settings to default does not reset WpfImprovedOnly setting
Breaking changes
  • Internal logging for Ranorex Studio and automation processes is now enabled by default with a rolling file being stored for 3 days. If you want to disable logging (e.g. for saving disk space), modify the NLog.config in your Ranorex installation folder and copy it to the location of your test executable.
Known issues
  • Some application specific issues with WinForms automation are still under investigation, in particular a potential memory leak
Ranorex Studio 7.1.0 Release (June 28, 2017)
Headline features
  • Conditions: Test cases and smart folders can be run conditionally based on data from a data source or parameters.
  • Synchronization: The WaitFor action in the Ranorex Recorder’s action table has been extended.It now supports waiting for specific attribute values to synchronize the application under test with the automated test(e.g. wait for an element to become visible or wait for a status text to contain “completed”).
  • Data sources: Cloning of data sources is now possible for test cases and smart folders.
  • Collaboration: The object repository can now get auto-merged in various conflicting situations after concurrent modifications (when version control integration with GIT or SVN is in use).
  • Validation: New method to validate that the value of a UI item’s attribute does not equal (“NotEqual”) a given value. The method is available through the API but also in the recorder’s action table.
  • Webtesting
    • Ranorex WebDriver Integration API has been extended to allow access to the underlying driver implementation. A sample solution is available for download.
    • Browser window size: Ranorex now allows setting the browser window size when working with Selenium WebDriver.
    • Configurations: A WebDriver endpoint can have multiple configurations.
    • Performance: Optimized WebDriver performance for grid and cloud scenarios.
General changes/Features
  • Support for SAP TreeTable control
  • Support for lazy loaded SAP grids
  • Open sessions are shown in endpoint details view
  • The report now provides information about the endpoint the test run was executed on
  • Included an API for managing endpoints at runtime
  • Adapter class now provides a “Parent” property
  • Fixed incorrect element rectangles when using CEF/Electron
  • Fixed issue where text was retrieved incorrectly for GDI applications
  • Fixed potential crash of AUT when using GDI plugin
  • Fixed issue where text is not returned for some SAP tree views
  • Fixed “Press” action not working on SAP overlay buttons.
  • Fixed issue in RxBrowser where alert pop-ups could not be closed
  • Fixed possible Ranorex Studio freeze at startup
  • Fixed Ranorex Studio freeze when trying to connect to Oracle DB using OLE DB provider
  • Fixed issue where changes made to a record item did not mark the file as changed
  • Fixed issue where two JUnit reports are created resulting in wrong TFS test result
  • Fixed possible error when pasting module groups with multiple bindings
  • Fixed build error when setting .NET version to 4.6 for Ranorex Studio projects
  • Fixed issue where solution cannot be added to SVN repository if option “Save authentication” is unchecked at the login
  • Fixed error that prevented modules from referenced projects from being run when not used in test suite
  • Fixed performance issue when checking/unchecking tests inside a test suite
  • Fixed performance issue when opening test suites with many data connectors
  • Fixed mobile devices can not be removed with standalone tools
  • Fixed TestSuiteRunner does not show correct solution settings
Known issues
  • For NeoLoad projects app.config needs to be updated
Breaking changes
  • Support for legacy Firefox versions has been dropped: 3.6, 10, 17, 24, 31, 38
Ranorex Studio 7.0.1 Release (April 26, 2017)
  • Fixed GetActiveTestContainers() returns empty List
  • Fixed offset of RawText elements
  • Fixed Firefox Extension provides invalid Table/DOM in certain cases
  • Fixed import and export functionality of global settings
  • Fixed object recognition when more than one CEF window is active in WPF application (CefSharp)
Ranorex Studio 7.0.0 Release (March 29, 2017)
Major features
  • WPF: More intelligent and comfortable object recognition for standard and third party controls Frequently asked questions
  • Web Testing: Added support for Microsoft Edge, Safari (macOS), Chrome (Linux) and Firefox (Linux) in web test automation through WebDriver integration
  • Test Suite: Improved behavior and structure, both in test suite and report, to better comply with JUnit report format
General changes/Features
  • Introduced new automation root switching, which directs element recognition and test execution to the selected endpoint (mobile device or Selenium hub)
  • Added a warning when performing mouse/pointer actions outside an element’s boundaries caused by a relative location
  • The “Open Browser” recording action now allows to turn on “Kill Existing” and “Clear Cookies” options
  • The test suite now provides an option to generate an additional report file in JUnit format
  • Improved merging of repository items into an existing repository if moving/copying a recording from one project to another
  • Introduced “smart folder” in the test suite that allows grouping, iteration, and data binding without counting as a test case
  • Support iterating test cases and smart folders without the need for data binding
  • Improved visual appearance and usability of the Studio start page
  • Ranorex agents no longer use port 29189 for communication, but rely solely on port 8081
  • Fixed offset issues with screenshots taken from mobile devices if hidden screenshot capturing is turned off
  • Fixed module group descriptions not being shown in the report
  • Fixed opening compressed reports more than once if they contain read-only files
  • Fixed a possible unhandled exception in Studio when trying to add COM references
  • Fixed problem that user code methods may not be available from a user code library which is also the base class of a recording
Known issues
  • You may experience small performance lags in the test suite editor when copying/moving large structures within a test suite, e.g. when dragging these structures or when navigating through the test suite and pasting the copied nodes.
  • Please note that support for various actions depends on specific WebDriver implementations, which may cause specialized operations to fail on specific browser/platform combinations.
  • The currently released Safari driver implementation is known to be unstable when executing tests. If test runs fail, check the WebDriver log file to find out where the problem occurred.
  • There is a known issue with the IE driver that causes KeySequence actions to be slow and ultimately run into a timeout when automating via WebDriver (see
  • Object recognition may fail for WPF applications if the application itself hosts a .NET Remoting service
Breaking changes (to 6.X)
  • Nesting a test case in another test case is not allowed anymore -> use smart folders instead of test cases
  • Running Studio or tests on Windows XP will show a technology limitation warning that Windows XP support will be dropped in a future Ranorex version
  • Licensing: when executing multiple test runs in parallel, each run/process requires its own runtime license
  • The report transformation file (xslt) as well as the stylesheet (css) file have changed due to a new layout as well as due to changes in the report data file. Custom reports created with previous versions (e.g. Ranorex 6.2) might not be fully compatible with the new format. Learn how to update your custom report here: Upgrading custom report files to 7.0.
  • Changes in the Testing and Reporting API
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Product roadmap

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For changes in the testing and reporting API, see the API changes.

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