Upgrading Custom Reports To 7.0

What changed?

We’ve made changes to the report in Ranorex 7.0, and, consequently, to the report data file as well. The changes affect both the layout and the underlying data fields. Custom reports are based on a customized version of the default transformation file. It is because of these customizations that Ranorex cannot upgrade the file automatically. Therefore the changes to the default transformation file rolled out with 7.0 need to be applied to your custom transformation file manually for it to produce custom reports as intended in 7.0.

How to update the file(s)?

The easiest way to update your custom transformation files is a so called “three-way merge”. You can use a merge tool of your choice. The process will only take a couple of clicks. The step-by-step guide below is based on the Tortoise SVN merge tool, but the workflow is very similar for all the common tools.

  1. Open TortoiseMerge from the start menu

    open Tortoise merge

  2. Open the relevant files:

    three way merge - open files

    Base file: Ranorex default transformation file based on Ranorex 6.x (RanorexReport.xsl)Their file: Ranorex default transformation file based on Ranorex 7.x (RanorexReport.xsl)My file: Custom transformation file based on Ranorex 6.x (RanorexReport.xsl)

    Tortoise merge - load files

    Note: It is recommended to activate the “Ignore all whitespace changes” setting in “view” section of the merge tool.

    merge ignore all whitespace changes.jpg

  3. Save file as:

    The bottom file (My file) can be saved and used as the new custom transformation file. Place it in the custom report folder of your Ranorex solution.

    three way merge- save as

The new transformation file will contain your customizations merged with the changes rolled out with Ranorex 7.0.